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Welcome to a look at the business that I represent. ARIIX is an opportunity company for anyone. If you ever wanted to learn how you too can live a lifestyle of freedom, I can help you. The Network Marketing business model is the smartest business model in todays economy. The information on this page can change your life forever!
THE Opportunity Company™ refers to your ability to unleash your human potential for good through obtaining and cultivating Strong Finances.

NEW FLASH: ARIIX is now publicly traded on the NASDAQ:NBEV. Combined sales with NewAge is $600M plus. PROJECTED to hit $2,400,000,000 by the end of 2023!

Led by CEO and Founder Fred Cooper’s vision, the ARIIX Founders have collaboratively created THE Opportunity Company with a pay-it-forward mission to transform lives. We believe that everyone has infinite potential for greatness and we’re passionate about helping you unleash yours. Maximizing your potential is how we measure our success — when you win, we win.

We’re in the business of changing lives.
And business is good.

The ARIIX Experience allows people to live differently with a one-of-a-kind line of ultra-premium products that are scientifically advanced, high-impact and in demand. Products that are part of 5 massive and distinct categories — healthy living, energy drinks, skin care, weight loss and personal care.

Our full-spectrum transformation message, unique “House of Brands” strategy and dynamic new business model have proven to be a fresh, industry-shaking approach to traditional network marketing and direct sales.

This comprehensive and targeted 360-degree approach to whole-body wellness creates a unique opportunity for you to transform your health, your look and your lifestyle, with all the tools, techniques and training you need to succeed.

ARIIX - Rick
—THE Opportunity Company™

ARIIX Representatives Wanted, Huge Income Potential...Will Train!

My wife April and I joined ARIIX on day one, July 4, 2011. We were with the previous publicly traded company where Fred Cooper was President and Mark Wilson was a Senior VP of Sales.

They left that company for ethical reason amongst others and started ARIIX to disrupt and change the Network Marketing Industry...And that is what they've done. 

Fred and Mark partnered with 5 other experienced executives with a vision to become the largest Network Marketing company in the world. You'll learn more about them down below.  

Number 1, they created a Representatives "Bill of Rights" for true protection of your business. When Fred and Mark left their previous company I reached out to them and 6-weeks before they ever launched ARIIX my company terminated me. THAT NOT RIGHT! So, all I could do is start pre-building ARIIX and that is what I did 6-weeks before we launched.

There are 5 major factors that everyone should consider when looking at a company to join. 

1. The Company 
Does the management team have the skills to go long term, yes multiple generations.
2. The Products  
Are the product efficacious and would you be happy representing them.
3. The Compensation Plan 
Is it fair? ARIIX believes in a true partnership with the field so they payout 50% in compensation. That's a 50/50 split, the highest in the industry.
4. The Training 
I'm a systems oriented person so besides ARIIX's training platform I have developed one for our team. It's accessed online at Optimized for smart devices you have training in your pocket 24/7.
5. The Team 
Leadership, Mentorship and Friendship and all important aspect of a successful team. I have achieved the CEO Level in ARIIX and pride myself is helping ANYONE on our team create massive success.

Brent Willis, CEO of NewAge-ARIIX

The vision for NewAge-ARIIX will take them on the path of quickly becoming a multiple billion-dollar publicly-traded company. 

Amongst their plan you as a representative will be able to earn shares of the publicly traded company just by building you own network marketing business. 

Is it your time to jump on the train?


ARIIX is a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products developed through collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed through independent representatives.

The ARIIX name represents the very ideals the company embodies — a gold standard and infinite opportunity.Combining derivatives from the Latin word for gold and the Roman numeral eight, representing the circles of infinity, the name means eternal wealth and symbolizes the ARIIX commitment to maintaining a “gold standard”for excellence in all things.


7 Owners of ARIIX


Each of the seven Founders holds shares in the ARIIX corporation and brings an area of expertise in his/her respective field. With more than 100 years of combinedexperience, the team of seven ARIIX Founders knows what it takes to create a thriving business.

—Dr. Fred Cooper — Chief Executive Officer and Founder
—Mark Wilson — President and Founder
—Riley Timmer — Chief Operating Officer and Founder
—Jeff Yates — Chief Financial Officer and Founder
—Wenhan Zeng — Chief Information Officer and Founder
—Deanna Latson — Chief Product Officer and Founder
—Ian Chandler — Chief Sales Officer and Founder


ARIIX has attracted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to join its innovative and collaborative opportunity. The year 2018 was especially impressive as ARIIX achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 24%, from $178 million to $220 million, with profits exceeding 8%. We also increased our Representative field by 32% over the previous year-end. The week of May 27, 2019 generated a record-breaking sales week of $6 million USD with ARIIX Japan and ARIIX Europe leading the way! And 2019 also brought ARIIX to No. 57 on the Tenth Annual Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 List!
Rick Billings & Fred Cooper
Fred Cooper, CEO ARIIX & Owner with Rick (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson, President ARIIX & Owner with Rick  (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Riley Timmer
Riley Timmer, COO & Owner with Rick (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler, CSO & Owner with Rick (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Wenhan Zhang
Wenhan Zhang, CIO & Owner with Rick (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Rick Redford
Rick Redford, GM of  ARIIX North America with Rick  (Aug. 2019)
Rick Billings & Cameron Bott
Cameron Bott, President of International with Rick (Aug. 2019)
ARIIX Office
Maki Lerwill & Elizabeth Dawes, Executive Assistant with Rick (Aug. 2019)

Let me ask you a question. Are you here exploring this page because you're not making the money you expected in business or working for someone else and you know there is a better way?

If that’s the case…please read on…I can help you!!!

Choosing the right company is very important, along with joining the right team and having a mentor/coach that understands that business is about helping make people’s lives better. And this is where I come in. In the past 75-years, there has only been a handful of MLM Businesses that have become Billion-Dollar Success Stories. A few of those have gone on to become Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses. With over 30 years of business experience, I know with all my heart the ARIIX has everything in place that it takes to become the next billion-dollar success story and it is their vision to do that!
ARIIX is the perfect vehicle to achieve massive success in your life. Now it's up to you. Are you ready to put in the work it takes to become successful? ARIIX has shifted into massive momentum, so now's the time...don't miss the opportunity of your lifetime!

ARIIX Founder's Welcome

Exploring ARIIX

Disruptive by Design™, ARIIX is intentional about their efforts to change the industry, change lives and change the world through our dedication to developing efficacious products and services, as well as our commitment to integrity, unity and disrupting the industry with innovative practices, a Representative-first approach and the ability to build a business based on your terms. We believes everyone deserves to experience the opportunity to change their lives.
Disruptive by Design


ARIIX 360 degrees is a comprehensive, targeted approach to attaining a better life, a better beautiful, a better tomorrow. With our 360 degree approach, ARIIX Products work synergistically in dynamic and efficacious product lines that are scientifically designed to help you reach the lifestyle you seek. From the ways you feed and care for your body to the very air you breathe and the water you drink, to the way your organize your days and your life, we care about you, and the world around you...and we are here to provide the very best of every aspect.

ARIIX Product Philosophy

ARIIX partners with world-renowned nutrition, health and lifestyle experts, bringing you brands that are on the leading edge of what science and nature can offer. Our individually branded lines have been meticulously formulated to provide the highest quality products on the market. Rigorous testing by third parties ensures the product within every ARIIX brand represent the gold standard in the industry and earn the highly esteemed ARIIX Seal of Approval. This means you can have confidence knowing you are building your business with products you love and products you trust.

Our Heart and Soul Product Development

At ARIIX, they believe that the ability to have access to safe, effective and conscious products for you, your family and your home should be a right, not a luxury. We believe in eliminating the bad to bring you the good. We believe sustainable ingredient harvesting is possible and reducing our carbon footprint is within reach. We believe in our collective ability to Unleash the Human Potential for Good as together, we create a better world.

The ARIIX Difference

ARIIX is THE Opportunity Company™, providing the opportunity for a better life. A better beautiful. A better tomorrow. Disruptive by Design™, we are intentional about our efforts to change the industry in your hands. ARIIX is a different kind of company and it shows:

The ARIIX Seal of Approval

The Gold Standard
The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes our pursuit of best in class. Dedicated to producing safe, efficacious products without the use of pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, synthetic fillers or chemical preservatives, providing the peace of mind that comes with stringent testing of all our brands, from ingredients and formulas to manufacturing—the ARIIX Gold Standard.

ARIIX Brand Strategy

While our products are designed to work together synergistically, ARIIX employs a “house-of-brands” philosophy that allows Representatives the freedom to choose the products they align with — and products they are excited to grow their business with.

Essential wellness supplements to fit your every need and provide your body with optimal nutrition.


Exclusive blends with carefully sourced essential oils that will change the way you think about and use oils.


A revolutionary weight management system that offers real results that really last.


A luxurious and clean skin care line designed to show your natural glow with smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.


Award-winning portable water filtration and air purification systems.


Dermatologist recommended skin care products that help create and maintain healthy skin using the latest research and technology.


A spa-quality line of clean and natural personal care products.


You may experience the following health benefits because of Fucoidan. Exotic ingredient, essential nutrition.


ARIIX Lifestyle Perks is an all-encompassing program that gives you exclusive access to beneficial rewards, allowing you to live your ideal lifestyle. Earn Reward Dollars every time you purchase ARIIX products, dollar for dollar.* Then watch your Reward Dollars add up! When you’re ready, cash them in on one of your new, fantastic Lifestyle Perks, or use them to earn commissions and grow your business.

ARIIX Travel

For every dollar you invest in ARIIX products, we invest in incredible vacation savings for you, dollar for dollar.* Using your Reward Dollars, you can access exclusive savings on travel — from more than one million hotels and resort properties with up to 90% savings, to flights, cruise packages and car rentals. Your dream vacation is waiting. You just need to book it!
ARIIX Travel

ARIIX Loyalty

ARIIX Loyalty Shopping gives you the savings you need to enjoy all of the ARIIX brands you know and love. Once qualified, you can shop for your favorite products with special pricing using your Reward Dollars.

ARIIX Diamonds

Your ARIIX lifestyle just got a lot more lux. With ARIIX Diamonds, you can save on specially designed jewelry using your Reward Dollars. Explore the collections of high-quality diamonds set in varying selections of gold or platinum.
ARIIX Diamonds

ARIIX Medical

ARIIX partners with Redirect Health and Sedera Health to give our Representatives access to quality medical care at affordable prices. Now, you can grow your business while taking care of your family’s healthcare needs.

It’s easy to qualify for the ARIIX Medical Plan! All ARIIX Representatives who are commission qualified and on an Auto-Delivery program are eligible to enroll in the ARIIX Medical Plan. While enrollment is fast and easy, there are certain limitations and restrictions for you to consider. Visit the Redirect Health website for full terms and conditions and to enroll in your new medical plan!


ACTIV8™ Industry-First Multiline Plan

Top 10 Reasons Why ARIIX Comp Plan is Better

5 ARIIX Bonuses

Team Lead Bonus—receive a greater % for every sale to new customers in their first 4 weeks

Income Position Bonus—earn a share from a 2% bonus pool when you Optimize your Income Position

Pay Line Bonus—earn a share from a 1% bonus pool when you Optimize a second pay line

Savings Bonus—bank an additional 15% of Base Commissions and cash it in once you hit USD 10k

Matching Bonus—earn a % of Base Commissions on your customers plus their customers, up to 7 generations
ARIIX #1 Comp Plan

ACTIV8 Compensation Plan

Patent Pending
Voted the #1 compensation plan worldwide by, ACTIV8 boasts a payout of 50/50 for every company dollar made. This patent-pending compensation plan is leading change industrywide and bringing a more profitable opportunity to Representatives across the globe. With three patents pending, ACTIV8 is the pinnacle of change in favor of the ARIIX family of Representatives.

Representative "Bill of Rights"

This industry-first contract provides Representatives not only legal protection, but also a voice within the company, ranging from compensation plan changes to policies and procedures, as well as a share in company profits. ARIIX believes in the collective input of its Representatives and puts it in writing—something that no other direct selling company offers.


AAA+ Classification
Ranked AAA+ Classification in 2016 by, ARIIX is an industry standout. With only 20 businesses receiving this classification our of an index of over 1,000, this achievement is a clear representation of our commitment to integrity, innovation and facilitating positive change industrywide.

Cost of Living Increase

Inflation happens. But it doesn't always have to happen to you. As part of the ARIIX promise to be Disruptive by Design™, we offer a cost of living increase for our Representatives. Each year, we review rising costs for premium ingredients against rising costs to determine if a commission increase is in order. If it is, we provide an annual cost of living increase.

Representatives "BILL OF RIGHTS"

ARIIX Bill of Rights
At ARIIX, they understand that our Representatives are the lifeblood of the company, so they put their appreciation in writing through their revolutionary ARIIX Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights is a contactual agreement that guarantees they have your best interest at heart.
You have:

More than words — it's in writing.

ARIIX Founders Club

The ARIIX Founder Club is the most prestigious and high-level ranking that a Representative can achieve in the entire sector of network marketing. With unprecedented power, Founder Club members help shape the future of ARIIX in matters such as policy changes, promotions, pricing, and compensation plan modifications. Founder Club members also serve as an advocate for Representatives in their country with the power to make critical decisions. 

The invitation to join the Founder Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry — the perfect balance of being a Representative with the privileges of a founder.
ARIIX Founders Club

NewAge-ARIIX Global Appeal

Where does NewAge-ARIIX do business?

The U.S. NewAge-ARIIX office is located in American Fork, Utah —a suburb of Salt Lake City. ARIIX is open in 80 markets. We also have an office in Colorado Springs, CO.


Training is the only thing preventing you from making millions of dollars in your Network Marketing Business!

The ARIIX Playbook!

With 1000's of hours in development over the last 9 years, the ARIIX Playbook provides a fast start helping you succeed. 

Success will comes to those that implement the information that is provided from the experience of many leaders.  

Gain Access to this information by joining anyone on our team.

I've developed an ARIIX presentation website optimized for smart devices, but also works great on the desktop. You can view it at
team training


The BOS (Business Orientation System) is ARIIX's training system. 


Getting started with ARIIX is easy.

  1. You purchase the BOS for $25 (US) and that gives you a position in your sponsors downline. 
  2. Then you active your business with a minumum of 200 points worth of products. You can sell these or consume them to maintain good helath.
  3. Within your first 28 days you sell or consume products which have points attach to them. At the right you can see the different Business Levels you can achieve by the total sales volume points. 
  4. Maintain a minimun of 100 points every 4 weeks to stay commission eligible.


Rick Billings has been the #1 ARIIX Products Salesperson in North America for several years.

Rick Billings is featured on Mark Wilson's weekly Presidents Call for ARIIX.
Rick Billings & Mark Wilson, President of ARIIX

Rick Billings and Mark Wilson, President of ARIIX in Cancun, Mexico - April 2016

2015 Personal Development Award from ARIIX

2016 ARIIX Premier Winner for #1 Salesperson

2020 Guest on ARIIX "A-Team" Call

ARIIX Success with Robert Allen & Rick Billings

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." 
~ Zig Zigular
I'm inviting you to move in the direction of your dreams. Join a team of passionate people sharing products we love and an opportunity that is changing lives.
I am committed to your success and will mentor you all along the way. I've put systems in place to help you build 24/7 and will always make my self available to you.

Please contact me and I'll answer any questions you may have. 

Rick Billings
CEO Rank in ARIIX 
2017 #4 Power Ranker in North America 
2015 #1 Product Sales Person
2013, 2014, 2018 ARIIX Partner Council Member
Brand Partner ID #10727
Orlando, Florida, USA 
Call/Text: 407-733-3502

Rick Billings presents "The Perfect Business" an in depth look at THE Opportunity Company.
You deserve a Coach, a Partner and a Friend that is 100% Committed to Helping You Achieve Your Goals & Dreams…THAT’S ME!
Fred Cooper, CEO ARIX & Rick

Rick with Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO and co-Founder/Owner

Rick with Mark Wilson, President and co-Founder/Owner