NewAge ARIIX — THE Opportunity Company

I have been with ARIIX from day one when we launched July 4, 2011. In the past 9+ years I have been building my business full-time helping people all around the world develop and advance their skills online using tools and systems that I’ve developed to build their businesses. I’ve achieved the rank of CEO in the company and extremely excited about the future of NewAge-ARIIX as we continue to disrupt the network marketing industry. 


  • Seven individuals started ARIIX and have a combine 125+ experience in the Network Marketing industry and understand every aspect of the MLM Business Model and culture that makes a multi-generational business.
    • Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO
    • Mark Wilson, President
    • Jeff Yates, CFO
    • Riley Timmer, COO
    • Deanna Latson, CPO
    • Wenhan Zhang, CTO (Retired Jan 2020)
    • Ian Chandler, CSO 
  • Upon launch the 1st thing they did was create a “Bill-of-Rights” to protect their representatives in the field. There are eleven right that truly make our company stand out from all others.
  • ARIIX acquired NuCerity in June 2017, a $30M company
  • ARIIX acquired LIMU in June 2019, a $20M company
  • ARIIX acquired MaVie & Shannon in April of 2020
  • June 2020 ARIIX was about a $300M company
  • Then in July 2020 ARIIX merged with NewAge, Inc a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. (Symbol: NBEV) NewAge-ARIIX by year end 2020 will by about $600 million in sales and be in 75 countries.
  • Now EVERYONE can be an Owner for NewAge-ARIIX
  • After merger Dr. Fred Cooper become Chairman, Brent Willis is CEO and Mark Wilson is still President
  • July 2011 to July 2020 ARIIX was headquartered in Bountiful, UT and now is headquartered in American Fork, UT. 


  • ARIIX is THE Opportunity Company that sells multiple high-quality brands through currently 450,000 entrepreneurs around the world in 75 countries.
  • ARIIX’s House of Brand Strategy spans over all generations with over 75 unique and several patented products.
  • Here are some of the categories; Weight Loss, Optimal Nutritional, Pure Water & Air Filtration, Essential Oils, CBD Oils, Tahitian Noni Juice & Unique Skincare.


  • Fred Cooper, has 2 PhD’s (but actually earned 4 PhD’s by his 2 year in college) and is truly a genius! Most importantly he designed the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan and holds 4 Patents on it. (Patents are: Multi-Line, Auto-Balance, Cost-of-Living Increase & Power Re-Enrty).
  • It’s the highest payout in the industry at 50%.
  • ARIIX understands that the field is the engine for the business and that is why they are equal partners with the field.
  • Representatives Earn: RETAIL PROFITS up to 50%
  • BASE COMMISSIONS, earn 15% of all Pay Lines
  • COST-OF-LIVING INCREASE — 3-5% of base commissions
  • TEAM LEAD BONUS—Receive between 15-30% for every sale to new customers in their first 4 weeks
  • INCOME POSITION BONUS—Earn a share from a 2% bonus pool when you optimize your Income Position
  • PAY LINE BONUS—Earn a share from a 1% bonus pool when you optimize a second Pay Line. 


  • SAVING BONUS—Earn $250+ in a week and bank an additional 15% of Base Commissions, cash it in once you hit $10K USD.
  • MATCHING BONUS—We earn 15% of everyone we sponsor, 10% of the people they sponsor + 5% down to 7 generations. This is on reps and customers.
  • PLUS AOR’s—We earn ARIIX Opportunity Rewards for building our business. These point will allow us to buy NewAge-ARIIX stock along with other items. 
  • Omni-Channel profit sharing to be determined 


  • We receive every dollar we spend back in our Rewards Bank to apply to our lifestyle perks. (2X the first 28 days)
  • ARIIX Travel — ARIIX Diamonds — ARIIX Loyalty — ARIIX Medical 
  • ARIIX Founders Club with profit sharing…an Industry first!


  • ARIIX created the B.O.S. (Business Orientation System) and it’s designed to train all new Reps that join ARIIX.
  • We have a team support & training site I built called, it is a members only website and you will gain access when you join our team. l There is nothing holding anyone back from making millions in this industry except...TRAINING! 
  • I personally know all the 7 owners of ARIIX and have created the companies online presentation called early on with Fred Cooper, CEO and I also created the companies first magazine called the “ARIIX Adviisor” with Mark Wilson, President. 
  • This is the last company you will ever build!!! 


  • #1 to become the largest Network Marketing Company in the world by 2030!
  • Achieve $2.4 Billion in Sales by the end of 2023
  • First part of 2021 Launch Dr. Cooper’s Customer Referral Program which he holds 28 patent on. It will definitely change the network marketing industry!


  • — Team Training Site 
  • — Presentation Site
  • — New Skincare Presentation
  • I also have many sales pages for our key products and biz opp funnels for recruiting online that I share with the team. 
  • ARIIX Connect is our mobile app for building on your smart phone.

Rick Billings, CEO Rank in NewAge-ARIIX

Cell/Text: 407-733-3502



Created & Revised by Rick Billings Oct. 2020