December 22, 2012

Other Ways to Get Rich #9

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diversify investment to get rich

Next is becoming rich through diversified investments. This is also a good legal way to get rich because it belongs to the ideal quadrant of being an investor according to Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant. Once you have managed to put your money in the right kind of investments, you will soon still be gaining returns if you go on vacation or even if you stop working.

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get rich thru diversified investments

The problem with investments though besides the need to have money to get started is the possibility of losing everything you have put in especially if you are not financially educated and trained enough to be an investor. Seasoned investors still experience losses, how much more with amateur investors? Just take the stock market investors for example. Many of us have probably seen how volatile and risky stock investments are right? Although there are already a lot of people who got rich because of investments such as that of the stock market, there are also a lot of people who committed suicide because of investments such as that of the stock market. One day your making money with your investments and you decide to invest it again to make even more money unfortunately the next time you did, everything just went wrong and you lost all you have worked hard on to get rich. This is how risky investments are if you want to get rich since low risk investments do not give you much returns.

diversify to get rich

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You can however use your banker’s money when dealing with real estate investments but despite that privilege, it will still take you some money and education to truly become rich. This does not mean to say that investments are no good because they are very promising…it’s just that they are not really the most pleasant and easiest way to get rich since you still have to go through a lot of hardships such as very high risks.

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