December 13, 2012

Other Ways to Get Rich #6

get rich like tiger woodsGet Rich

The sixth other way to get rich is through your exceptional talent, intelligence, or gift. Each of us are born with exceptional gifts that are yet to be discovered and some who did manage to discover it at an early age became very popular and very successful especially in terms of finances. You can indeed make great use of your gifts and talents to get you to the top, get rich, and famous.

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Good examples of people who have used this sixth other way to get rich are Tiger Woods in golf, Michael Jordan in basketball, Steve Jobs in modern smartphone technology, and more. All these people had discovered and used their exceptional gifts and talents to its fullest and made them so successful.get rich like MJ

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It is without a doubt that gifts and talents could indeed help you get rich, the question now is for how long. You can really get rich no question about that but the thing is there is no guarantee of how long you will be able to maintain it because first of all it is inborn meaning it’s beyond your control. What I am trying to say is that you will have no idea when that gift or talent will last. By the time you lose that touch of your gift or talent, what’s next? Take for instance Michael Jordan. He was so good in playing basketball at the NBA that whenever someone mentions his name anyone would always relate it to a basketball legend. Being good at playing basketball is MJ’s gift or talent and it sure did made him very rich. Unfortunately as he got old, his performance was no longer as good as he used to in his younger years. This just proves to show that no matter how talented and gifted Michael Jordan was, it only lasted for a certain period of time. If he had not done anything to preserve his wealth…he would have probably been broke by the time he retired and lost his touch from playing basketball. This is true for statistics show that 65% of all professional athletes are broke five years after their high paying careers are finished. This proves to show that it takes more than gifts and talents to stay rich…

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