December 13, 2012

Other Ways to Get Rich #5

work hard not smart to truly get richGet Rich

The fifth other way to get rich is finally something positive and popular known as working hard. Yes I can finally tell you this time that this other way to get rich is finally something good. Working hard is one of the secrets to success done by many successful people in the past. But believe it or not, despite all the goodness of hard work it still is not enough to be considered the ideal way to get rich. Why? This is because hard working people often have a very hard time enjoying life and enjoying their hard earned wealth. They do not know anything but to keep on working hard all their lives to get rich that they fail to see the true meaning of what it truly means to have a fruitful and productive life. Again, moderation is the secret to truly get the most of life and working too hard or too less are both discouraged. Life is not all about  money you know.

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Besides that, working hard alone nowadays is not recommended because we have already what we call working smart. People who physically work hard to get rich tend to work for the wrong kind of income with the highest taxes! This is why working smart is now replacing working hard not only in business but in all aspects of life because it is more efficient and more effective. Working smart does not necessarily mean you are working less hard but rather it makes you get the most out of what you are working for. It helps you get more work done faster, easier, and with more productivity. Just remember Pareto’s Principle or the 80-20 Rule wherein you are able to get 80% done with only 20% effort instead of the other way around. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, just take a businessman and an employee for example. The employee is working hard doing 80% effort with only 20% productivity while the businessman is leveraging his effort and time making him do more (80%) with less effort (20%). The businessman is working smart while the employee is working hard.

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