December 22, 2012

Other Ways to Get Rich #10

Get Rich

build a business to get rich

You can also get rich by building a love affair with your business. First you court your idea, then you commit to that idea and have a baby business. Then you take the ups and downs along the way as you grow your newborn business and hope for the best!
You see, building a business is pretty much the way most of the rich became very rich nowadays. Nothing can beat building a business if you really want to get rich. Although you still can get rich through employment by being a highly paid top executive but still your income is fixed, the effort is not worth it all, and it will take a lot of years before you reach that kind of rank in the corporate world. In business sky is the limit, if you want to increase your income and get rich even more then all you have to do is to work even harder and smarter.

business love affair to get rich

Discover the different other ways to get rich

The only disadvantage of building a business to get rich is the start up capital because most kinds of businesses especially franchises require a very big start up capital that is too big for the average person to have. Plus not all businesses put up got successful, so after struggling how to have an ROI (Return of Investment) you still have to deal with the risks of growing and maintaining your business cash flow.

get rich thru business

Start taking action and get rich NOW!

Take for instance franchises. Although franchise businesses are less risky than starting your own business from nothing it is still risky and very expensive with a price of about $100,000 to $1.5 million just to purchase the rights. On top of that you also have to pay for advertising fees, initial fees and other monthly payments for the support, training, and development. In addition, even with all these things, there is still no guarantee that your business will flourish because based on statistics 33.33% of all franchises eventually go broke. So always be careful, calculate your risks, and consider the pros and cons. Having a business is not that easy you know although everything will all be worth the effort once your business takes off!

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