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January 1, 2013

Network Marketing: Why A Five Year Plan? 2 of 2

Network Marketing

network marketing plan  Second reason why we need to have a five year plan for network marketing success is so that we will have all the time in the world to unlearn all the unnecessary things that keep us in the employee quadrant and the self-employed or small business owner quadrant. Unlearning all these things takes time and is not as easy as it may sound especially if we are already used to the feeling of security and comfort.Take the time to both learn and unlearn and work at your own pace because once you are able to successfully unlearn everything that needs to be unlearned, the shift in quadrants will become much easier for greater network marketing success.

Three reasons why it’s important to have a five year network marketing business plannetwork marketing plan first

Last but not the least reason of having a five year plan in a network marketing business is simply because of the fact that all caterpillars make a cocoon before they finally turn into beautiful butterflies. We all need the disciplinary training time to change for the better since there are still lots and lots of room for improvement. We need to undergo stages that would help in transforming us into the kind of person that attracts success. We need stages of transformation just like that of a struggling caterpillar inside a cocoon. This kind of intensive training for overall success requires a huge amount of time which is why we really need at least five years of planning ahead for our network marketing business.five year network marketing plan

Apply the five year plan to your network marketing business TODAY!

Before I end, always remember to never stop learning and keep on persisting. Make mistakes and learn from them. Master the process and never ever quit for quitters never win and winners never quit. Be patient and accept failure as part of the winning process!

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