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April 1, 2013

Huge Network Marketing Opportunity Opening in Australia

If you’re involved in Network Marketing or interested in being involved, then you need to stop and watch the video below. Australia is ARIIX’s 13th countries to open in less than two years. Talk about an experience management team…with the five owner massive growth is happening every month. Doing $32,000,000 there first full year in 2012 breaks many records in the Network Marketing Industry. Led by Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO and Mr. Mark Wilson, President, both with over 13 years with USANA Health Sciences ago with Riley Timmer, COO, Jeff Yates, CFO and Deanna Latson, ARIIX’s Chief Product Officer they are creating products that every needs.

I Love the Interest…it has leveled the playing field for so many people to build massive international business in this new economy.

I am looking for individuals that want to make a big difference in their life along with changing the lives of so many others. ARIIX is at the beginning of their growth and has not started into momentum yet. History has shown that companies like ARIIX will go into momentum at around $100 million in sales then experience massive growth to $1 Billion and on from there. Thousands of millionaires will be created in the process…Are You One?

Take a few minutes and watch my presentation below and then contact me ASAP to get a priority position on my team in Australia.

Rick Billings – rick@rickbillings.com – Skype: RickBillings3


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