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February 2, 2014

ARIIX Compensation Plan | Fred Cooper, CEO Reviews the ARIIX Comp Plan

400x400_FB_ProfileThis compensation plan is so unique currently it has three patents pending for its processes that helped the field earn more in commissions that any other compensation plan available. At the time with activation you must also decide if you want to participate in ARIIX’s 2x membership program. You only have four weeks to decide and it is usually done at the time of activation. As a 2x member it entitles you to a lifetime I love discounts on all products that you purchase for as long as you purchase ARIIX products. But for those individuals that are serious business builders it is almost imperative to have 2x membership, because every bonus that we will talk about in this presentation is doubled for those individuals who have 2x membership. Based on the pack that you purchase it may or may not be included, for all business an elite packs the 2x membership is included for free, for any member packs it is a one-time lifetime fee of one hundred and fifty dollars.

A simple word to the wise if you are serious about building a large organization and earn significant commissions with ARIIX a 2x membership is really not an option. At the time with your activation when you generate the minimum point requirement the pack you purchase has different benefits and value  the larger the pack the better the value. With member packs demonstrating good value business packs better but of course elite packs provide the consumer with the greatest value the greatest discounts on products the longer duration of online services and tools, more lines in the compensation plan that can generate potentially more income for any representative additional event passes and of course additional bonuses that are unavailable for other packs that you could purchase. The best value simply put is our elite pack.

For more information on ARIIX, please contact me directly.

Rick Billings

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