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November 19, 2012

ARIIX Bill of Rights: The 11 Unique Rights (#8-#11)

ARIIX Bill of Rightsariix bill of rights unique

ARIIX Bill of Rights #8 is about being able to share in the company’s fun and luxurious incentives. You see the thing with most network marketing companies is that their corporate owners are the only ones living the ultimate luxurious lifestyle while the members just keep on working harder and harder with very little benefit. ARIIX chooses to be once again different and decides to share it to ARIIX reps giving them all the rights to use, enjoy, and utilize everything true business partners would normally do.
ARIIX Bill of Rights #9 is the right given for you to decide what is next. Since ARIIX values each of YOU dearly more than itself, the company wants YOU to help in thinking of the next big innovation to keep ARIIX the leading expert in its field. As an ARIIX member, what you think matters and is of high value that will be used for the further growth and success of the company overall.the ariix bill of rights

Make a difference and enjoy the unique benefits of the ARIIX Bill of Rights TODAY!

ARIIX Bill of Rights #10 refers to the rights given to each ARIIX member of having fair and consistent treatment without any discrimination no matter what the rank, team, title, or market may be. The ARIIX community is equal and is united as one family and so one should never be bullied or treated improperly just because he or she does not have any achievements as big as the rest. Remember, everyone is equal and so nobody is treated higher or lower than the other.

ARIIX Bill of Rights #11 is finally about the right to be able to maintain your original agreement. ARIIX commits to this and will always stick to your original contract unless otherwise required by law or protection of ARIIX representatives.ariix promise

Know one-by-one the 11 rights of the ARIIX Bill of Rights

As you can see, all these rights are made exclusively for the benefit of the members instead of the company. That is how ARIIX values any individual who joins the opportunity. Just by the ARIIX Bill of Rights alone, one can right away tell that it is indeed not just any ordinary network marketing company you have encountered before!

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