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January 3, 2014

MOA – 34 Super-foods to Nourish Your Body


moa_flyer_wip 3 27 13Meet MOA

MOA is a nutrient loaded mixture packed with an abundance of the world’s most exotic super-foods.

We’ve traveled worldwide to get our hands on the 34 super-foods that go into every MOA. You won’t find these exotic fruits, vegetables, and spices in your backyard. With extraordinary products cultivated in prize all over the world, MOA includes foods like a Agave from Airad farms in Mexico.

Seaweed from clean crisp Canadian waters. Seaweed has a broad range minerals healthy for the body.

Noni that can be found in the forested hills of Hawaii.

BioPerine the black pepper thriving in India. BioPerine is a black pepper that has been proven to increase the nutrient absorption of Vitamin C, CoQ-10, Vitamin A and other vital nutrients. It is also known to regulate the immune function, enhance mood and support digestive health.

Flavorful Pomegranate from the fresh green fields of Turkey.

Rich Mediterranean Bergamot cultivated in Italy. Bergamot is typically used as an essential oil to uplift and relax the body. It is recognized which pain-relieving effects, protection of nerves and regulation and LDL cholesterol.

Curcuma grown in tropical Indian.

White Tea harvested from the ancient hills of China. White Tea is the least process tea and has high anti-oxidant levels.

Acai from the Amazon grows in Brazil.

Maitake mushroom produced in Japan, the Maitake mushroom helps support healthy immune function, cellular defense, and can positively affect cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Ancient healers have used the Maitake for thousands of years as a tonic to promote health and long life.

An exotic Mangosteen from Thailand and that’s only a few of the ingredient

Most nutrition drinks contain only a small amount real product from concentrate that is then deluded to such an extent that it is nothing more than flavored water.

MOA on the other hand comes full of fresh ingredients making it a more nutrient-dense, potent and effective. As a result the concentrated blend of MOA achieves and in one shot with an entire bottle of competing products have to offer.

Nature provides a wealth of nourishing foods to keep humans healthy and that’s why we made MOA.

Give MOA a shot and see what it can give back! 

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