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Mindsets: Rich VS Poor 1 of 2

rich mindsetRich and Poor

Everyone loves to get rich and powerful and being able to buy the things they want and need but mostly everyone fails at doing so especially those belonging to the poor and middle class.

It is never money that separates the rich from the poor

The best way to becoming rich

The reason for this is the fact that it is never money that separates therich and poor mindset rich from the poor but it is to how they think and look towards life or otherwise known as mindset. The rich may have a lot of money but even if you take everything away from them and even if they go bankrupt they will still be able to recover and become rich or even richer again! Whereas the poor even if you give them millions or even billions of money they will still end up broke and losing everything they were given in the first place. You know why? It is simply because of mindset. Having the right mindset is the way to acquiring a fortune and today we are happy to share with you several ways the rich think. Follow and apply as you please.

rich and poorFirst is that rich people have the guts and the courage to take risks. They play smart and hard and do not mind having losses because they know for sure that failure is part of that overall success. Rich people are not afraid to venture and explore to newer and greater heights unlike the poor and middle class who are too scared and only settle for the best and safest known way. Rich people get out of their comfort zones and just take the risk for they know that it is better to try and to fail than to fail to try. Of course, by taking risk we do not just mean any risk but it should be a calculated risk.