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October 8, 2019

Magnical-D by Nutrifii (an ARIIX Brand)

magnical-dMagnical-D ~ Support your bones, heart and cells

Magnical-D blends calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to provide the essential nutrients, in an easily absorbed supplement, that supports bone, cardiovascular and cellular health. This easy-to-digest, fat-soluble supplement works in harmony with the ARIIX Optimals to support your current and future health.

The Relationship Between Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K

We all know that calcium is the major structural element of bones and teeth, but your body needs several other nutrients in order to absorb calcium and use it properly. Two of these nutrients are vitamin D and vitamin K. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium so that the body receives maximum benefits, while vitamin K helps ensure calcium build up in bones and not soft tissue. Numerous studies have shown that adequate calcium and vitamin D levels maintained throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

The Role of the “Sunshine” Vitamin

The importance of vitamin D and its role in supporting bone, muscle and cardiovascular health has been the talk of the health community recently, especially comparing the risks of too much sun exposure versus the rewards of soaking up vitamin D, often called the “sunshine” vitamin.

While sunbathing may be out, it’s still in your best interest to ensure that your body has all the vitamin D and magnesium it needs to help absorb and maintain healthy calcium levels for stronger bones and teeth.

Recent Research has Also Shown Other Benefits of Vitamin D:

Healthy levels are a key part of minimizing age-associated bone loss, which in turn may reduce risk of osteoporosis later in life.i

It may play a role in keeping our lungs healthy, with higher concentrations of vitamin D resulting in positive effects on lung function and health.

Deficiencies in vitamin D can weaken the muscular and skeletal systems.ii


A More Effective Vitamin K

Vitamin K2 is another component of Magnical-D that has been shown to support healthy bones, kidneys and cardiovascular function.iii In the MK-7 form, vitamin K2 has been shown to be more bioavailable and have a longer half-life in the bloodstream after oral intake, thus providing its benefits for a longer period of time. Out of all the types of vitamin K, vitamin K2 (MK-7), derived from a traditional Japanese dish called natto, has been shown to be the most effective and have longer lasting benefits after supplementation due to its longer half-life in circulation.iv This premier ingredient used within Magnical-D includes no solvents, additives or preservatives, and is GMO and allergen-free.*

Magnesium and Other Minerals

Magnesium is an essential mineral that, along with calcium, is an important component of strong, healthy bones. While most people take in plenty of calories, according to studies done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Institute of Medicine, their mineral intake can often be insufficient.v,vi In fact, it’s estimated that a large part of the population suffers from some sort of mineral deficiency or imbalance.vii,viii As more human health studies have been conducted, the relationship between a balanced ratio of minerals and health levels continues to grow increasingly evident.ix

The inland sea trace minerals present in Magnical-D are sourced from one of the few surviving inland seas, the Great Salt Lake of western North America, where there is a rich abundance of minerals that are free of toxins and other contaminations often found in other, less pristine locations.x

Magnical-D (Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2)Added Bonuses

Acerola Cherries:

When it comes to cardiovascular and bone health, vitamin C provides a beneficial boost in supporting blood vessels and muscles as well as keeping bones and teeth healthy. Unfortunately, vitamin C is not stored in the body, which means it needs to be replaced daily. Because of this, health professionals and organizations around the world recommend regularly consuming foods high in vitamin C.

But before you reach for those oranges, remember that acerola cherries actually contain more vitamin C than oranges and are also valued for supporting immune function and cardiovascular health from a cellular level. xi, xii

Shiitake Mushroom Extract:

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese and Japanese herbalists have treasured shiitake mushroom for their unique immune-supporting properties. Modern science has revealed that shiitake mushrooms can support immune function and may also support already healthy cholesterol levels when eaten as part of a healthy,
balanced diet.*xiii

Reishi Mushroom Extract:

Japanese red reishi mushrooms have been valued for generations for their supportive role in immune function as well as having been shown to possess properties that support already healthy cholesterol and already normal healthy blood sugar levels.*xiv


The Bottom Line

When it comes to bone and cardiovascular health, as well as overall support for a balanced, healthy body, Magnical-D can be used along with Optimals to address common vitamin and mineral deficiencies while supporting the body in a natural, balanced state.*

ARIIX’s Commitment to Excellence 

ARIIX is committed to bringing the best supply of health and wellness products to you by extensively researching modern nutritional science. Our ARIIX 100% potency guarantee is the cornerstone of our business and we are dedicated in our mission to unleash the human potential for good on a global scale.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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