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March 8, 2011

Profit Expansion With The Aid of Usability Concepts

It is odd that you almost never hear folks talking about usability and websites. We consider that just incredible because it really is talking about optimization of all elements of a commercial site. The meaning of this word is intuitive, and if visitors have difficulty using any aspect of your site then that isn’t ideal. All of us want our visitors and audience to return to our sites. You will need to have a clear picture of what your site visitors are doing once they land on your website.

So you realize the importance of understanding visitor behavior, and you will use a good tracking script for getting that done. What you will do is identify trouble spots on your site, and then you begin testing that spot to resolve the issue. But even though that is a fairly crude approach, there really isn’t much more we are able to do. You are able to find free and paid for scripts as well as feature rich and very simple ones. A tracking script monitors site visitors; they all do that but some have much more cool bells and whistles. You will want to know the how, where and when of traffic flow as well as time spent on each page. The best scripts will not leave you guessing about visitor behavior on your site.

You know the importance of optimization for conversions, and that’s all this is about. All businesses on the web need the highest conversion rates no matter what is truly being converted. When you are prepared to make modifications on your site, then you will need to perform testing. There are advanced testing processes, but the most common is A/B split tests on your pages. Most sites are not necessarily well-suited for Taguchi multivariate testing because it requires a lot more performance. If you are unsure about what to test, then you can start with what you think is the most important aspect of a page. But like we pointed out earlier, you use the tracking script metrics to determine possible trouble pages, and then you just begin testing that page. When you’ve got that kind of information, then you can take a more intelligent strategy to your testing.

There is no question about the worth of testing and usability general performance evaluation. Once you start seeing positive results, you will be happy with yourself for having done it. You will understand and appreciate it much more when you see what’s possible. That only spells more profits and lasting business for you.

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