March 18, 2011

Google is Getting Serious!

 There really are a massive amount automated blogging programs out there.  These programs are built upon spiders that crawl the web looking for content that matches key terms that you have put into the program. The system then uses that written content and publishes it on your site. You then get to enjoy the benefits of having a routinely updated website without having to do any of the true work of writing and making that content yourself. It may seem like it is a dream that is coming true. Except…

 It seems like Google is gearing up for a serious cracking down on those sites that aren’t filled with original content. They are settling measures in place that will enable them to test your site’s content to make sure that it hasn’t shown up somewhere else first. If your site has primarily copied and pulled materials, there’s a chance you’re in trouble. You will certainly lose points in the eyes of Google. So what happens to the people who want to build an automated business?

 Mostly, this means that business people and internet marketers will certainly have to get used to either working harder or having to pay someone to work harder for them. This is good! It defends the interest of folks who have worked hard to create original content. This also helps make certain that a person is building a legitimate company. If you aren’t good at crafting or creating content, you’ll want to find the money to pay someone to create it for you. Trust us when we say your expenditure will be really worth it.

 The real truth is that, on the web, there are lots of sites that are made upon the hard work of others. The sites then generate income by employing that plagiarized content and placing lots of ads on every page. Sure this may be a way to help make some extra cash, but if you get captured doing it, you can count on getting in big trouble. Stealing content material is kind of an enormous deal, after all. Universities all over the planet expel students for things like not properly citing their sources. Imagine the suit you will end up facing if you don’t credit your source properly or even just blatantly steal someone else’s intellectual property! Won’t it just be easier to write and generate your own stuff?

 The real truth is that if you really want to earn money, you need to be prepared to do some real work. Google is trying to pay back the people who are doing that hard work while penalising the people who are stepping on the backs of the hard workers. We like this a lot. It can help to make things on the net a lot more fair for those who are really trying to help others and make a real living instead of rewarding people who use shoddy tactics to make a quick buck.

 So web entrepreneurs should get ready to do some serious and hard work. Google is just looking for a reason to take down individuals who aren’t willing to do real work!

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