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February 19, 2013

When to Buy Paper Assets to Get Rich?

Get Rich

Many of you might constantly be asking the question “When is the best time to buy paper assets such as bonds, stock, time deposits, and mutual funds to get rich?”First of all I would like to congratulate you for raising such question because it is a very good question. Paper assets are good investments because it gives you the benefit of having passive income, the type of income wherein you earn money even if you do not do much effort.build a business to get rich

Get Rich by knowing when to buy paper assets

You see, paper assets are a good way to get rich but the only problem is the fact that you need to have a very large amount of money if you really want to have serious profits and income. Investing small in paper assets will only reap you small returns and may not be enough to meet your daily expenses for survival that is why paper assets are only good if you have a big amount of capital to start with or if luck is always on your side otherwise I suggest that you first build a business. Why? It is because building a business is pretty much the best asset anyone could ever have! If you rank the best assets to invest and own to get rich, having a business comes first then real estate and paper assets would be last. The reason why paper assets are not really recommended as the best assets to invest in to get rich is simply because of the fact that they are the easiest to buy but the riskiest to own.

papers assets to get rich

One more reason is the fact that unlike businesses or real estate, paper assets do not have insurance coverage for catastrophic losses meaning you will never have any assurance or safety net just in case unexpected things take place.

So when is the best time to buy paper assets to get rich? That would be after you have built a solid business foundation and after you have reinvest in that business. Having a business is really the best step you can take if you really want to get rich in the long run because it is the only thing that is able to support you just in case things will no longer go as planned. Just like real estate, paper assets are good investments as long as you do not make them the first step to get rich because doing so will never get you anywhere near financial freedom. If you seriously want to get rich, then buy paper assets after you have grown a solid business foundation together with solid real estate properties! That my friend is the best and most recommended time to buy paper assets that will give you passive income throughout your lifetime!get rich

Buying paper assets is not really the most recommended way to get rich

Before I finally end this discussion, I would just like to let you know that paper assets can be bought anytime you wish if you are born with a silver spoon. If you really come from a very rich family and if you have all their support in your business endeavors then I don’t think there is any problem investing in paper assets first since you already have a solid business foundation built by your family.

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