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December 31, 2012

Cashflow Quadrant: The Investor Quadrant

Investor Quadrant

investor quadrant  Last but not the least quadrant is no other than the investor quadrant. As mentioned earlier, the investor quadrant and the big business owner quadrant are both the ideal quadrants in Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant. The investor quadrant differs in the sense that it is more on investing rather than starting and growing a huge business.

Get to know what the investor quadrant is all about

the investor quadrant

The investor quadrant values financial freedom the most and always loves to have money work for them instead of them working hard for money. People in the investor quadrant find joy in investing in different things such as silver, gold, paper assets, real estate, and more. They are always eager to venture into many potential investments and are not afraid to take calculated risks. They may lose out on some but later on gain it all back. The people in the investor quadrant are the ones enjoying life the most to its fullest because they are the ones having the luxury of living on passive income. Even if they stop working today or even if they go on a vacation break, their income still continues to flow in unlike the other quadrants. One way of knowing if you have the same value and mindset with the investor quadrant is if you are able to completely enjoy the things you love without any problems financially speaking.

Honestly speaking, we all need to have the mindset and the value of the investor quadrant. The big business owner quadrant is also good and better than the employee quadrant and the self-employed or small business owner quadrant but the investor quadrant is the best simply because it is your money that’s working for you instead of the other way around.being in the investor quadrant

Is the investor quadrant the ideal quadrant?

You see, each quadrant has its own different mindsets and different values. If you are currently in the employee quadrant or the self-employed or small business owner quadrant, it is up to you to shift to becoming an investor or big business owner quadrant because being in those quadrants is the only way for you to truly live life to its fullest.

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