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December 30, 2012

Cashflow Quadrant: The Big Business Owner Quadrant

Big Business Owner Quadrant

big business owner quadrantTake note that in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, the big business owner quadrant and the investor quadrant are the ideal quadrants because they are the quadrants that have true financial freedom and have money work for them in  stead of them working for money. They are so leveraged and so free that cash flow continues to shower even when they stop working or go on a vacation break.So what do these quadrants have that the employee quadrant and self-employed quadrant or small business owner quadrant do not have? Let us start first with the big business owner quadrant.

Get to know what the big business owner quadrant is all aboutthe big business owner quadrant

People who start from nothing and be able to build successful and great big businesses are often the people who value great teamwork and have powerful missions in serving and working with as many people in life as possible. Examples of the big business owner quadrant are Thomas Edison of GE Electric, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Henry Ford of Ford Motors.

Is the big business owner quadrant the ideal quadrant?big business owner quadrant fortune 500

If the self-employed or small business owner quadrant are the best in their respective fields the big business owner quadrant are not. This is the reason why they often look for other people who are the best in their field to join their team. In other words, the big business owner quadrant hires the best people to grow their businesses. To give you a clearer idea, just take Henry Ford as a classical example. Back in his time, Henry Ford surrounded himself with people far smarter than he was since he did not get very far in terms of a good formal education. Ford was often ridiculed and underestimated because of this but never let it become a hindrance for the growth and success of his empire. He hired smart young people better than him to do all those intellectual works so that his head will be kept clear of such clutter and trivial facts and be able to think!

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