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January 22, 2017

Can You Really Run a Home Business from a Hammock?

You see the photos in almost every home business ad.

The guy or girl laying in a hammock with their laptop and a big smile on their face.

Is it just an advertising ploy or can you really do that?

Yes you can. But don’t fall for the implied benefit of it’s easy to run a home business.

Technology has progressed to the point of almost total mobility. Anywhere you can get an Internet signal, by cable or 4g data connection, you can technically work on your business.

It still takes hard work. You also need, on occasion, to do the face-to-face thing. (No, not a Skype video chat – but in-person.)

The work from anywhere fantasy is definitely here, today.

But in reality? You will do most of your work from your home. (I guess you could put up a hammock in your backyard.)

This question raises a good point though. You can travel and still do business over your smartphone. It opens up flexibility you didn’t have just a few short years ago.

However, this doesn’t mean you have an open license to always be playing. You need to work, too.

The freedom your home business can bring you is unmatched.

But let me ask you, have you ever tried typing on a laptop in a hammock? It’s fraught with danger.

Oh yea, and watch out for the sand. It can be hard on electronics.

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