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February 3, 2017

How To Build Your Home Biz Network in Just 5-Minutes a Day

There’s a free and easy way to build a network of potential high-quality prospects for your home business enterprise.

One that few talk about and reaps big rewards.

There’s this ‘little’ network (of 500 MILLION professionals!) called LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s stated goal is to have 3 billion professionals on their network over the coming years. So they’ll be no shortage of prospects.

However, marketing here demands a different approach than the typical MLM pitch you were taught by your leadership. Gone are the days of spamming your hypey sales message to as many people as you can.

Social media requires a softer approach. An approach where you build a relationship first. Because of this, it takes a longer sales cycle – but well worth it because of the quality of prospect you can find here.

Do a search on LinkedIn for your type of prospect. Is it entrepreneurs you’re looking for? They have a filter for that. Is it chiropractors in San Diego? You can search for that.

Determine both your business opportunity prospect and your retail prospects and do searches for them. Then connect to 50 of them per day.

It just takes 5-minutes a day and with consistency, you’ll build a network of potential prospects in the thousands.

Do you know the best part? LinkedIn is the only social network that lets you download your network’s e-mail addresses for following up.

Remember, just 5-minutes a day, consistently, can mean big business growth for you.

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Rick Billings

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