August 27, 2019

Getting Started with ARIIX

Here’s are two videos that one of the owners of ARIIX, Ian Chandler created to help people understand how to use the POWER OF FOUR with Customers and Business Partners.

Welcome. So you’re looking at ARIIX and you want to know how to get started. ARIIX is The Opportunity Company. Why? Because we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people all around the world transform their lives with our world-class brands and products.

Let’s start with you and what you want. Maybe you want better skin, you want more energy, better rest, a better physique, better health, better finances, more confidence or a chance to travel the world. You can have it all and then some in ARIIX, and it all starts with you and your transformation. So, pick the products that meet your lifestyle or what you’re looking for, and our goal is to help you get results. That’s it. You’re going to be turning heads of a lot of people with your transformation.

And that’s why in month two, we want to help you get your products for free by sharing your own transformation. So you buy the BOSS that gets you a wholesale member access to get the products at the lowest price. You even get your own e-store that you can share with your friends. And every time they buy, you can earn commissions as well. So share with four friends who have a similar need as you, right? Our goal is to help them get results and to give them the best transformation possible. When they save 15%, you earn 15%.

The best part is not only that, but this will actually activate your business. With all four of your customers buying 100 points or more, you’ll achieve the “Business” level which unlocks everything you need for long-term success in ARIIX. You’ll be qualified for the “Team Lead” title and then you’ll be well on your way to getting your products paid for.

The next month, our goal is to help your four customers get their products for free. Just like you, when you help your four customers get their four customers, they also will earn enough to almost cover the products that they purchased themselves and you’ll be seeing the fruits of duplication right before your eyes.

And even better, you, yourself, you will have achieved a monumental status in ARIIX called Gold. Going gold is key for long-term success in ARIIX. Additionally, you’ll have achieved the ultimate status, which unlocks a 30% team lead bonus. You’ll also be qualified for the “Supervisor” title and will have earned $400 in team lead bonus.

Month four, our goal here is to help your four members also go gold themselves. So just like you, they’re going to get there four customers to join to become members as well. In total, each of them will have 16 customers. When all four of your personally sponsored members become gold, you will have achieved a huge milestone with a team of 20 business partners that you can mastermind with and work together and collaborate for long-term success. You’ll have qualified for the “Director” title, and you’ll have earned over $1000 dollars in lifetime earnings with ARIIX. Anything is possible, and it all starts with you and your transformation and your four customers.

Welcome and congratulations on starting your ARIIX Business. Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time gig, we can’t wait to help you unleash your potential and earning opportunity.

How does the business model work? It’s simple. We start by transforming people’s lives with ARIXX’s world-class suite of products. Everybody’s looking for a better life, whether they want better skin, more energy, better rest, a better physique, better health, better finances, a chance to shine or a chance to see the world on a budget. You really can help them have it all and it starts when you activate your ARIIX business.

You’re going to start by choosing the brand or products that give you the transformation you’re looking for. And with that, you can attract a world of people and inspire them to change their lives as well. As a Wholesale Member, you’ll be able to buy the products at the lowest price. You’ll have your own store that you can share with friends, and when they save money, you earn money.

Our goal for you in your first month is to lock in the highest Business Level possible. If you’re serious about this opportunity, you absolutely want to set your sights on the Ultimate Business Level. It comes with all of the benefits and rewards you would want to, for longterm success.

At a minimum, we recommend everybody joining with the intent to build a business, to achieve the Business Level or above. It’ll unlock IIX and give you at least 20% Team Lead Bonus for life. In your first two months, here’s how you get started. You’re going to start building a team of business partners. Maybe they started as customers just like you, had a great transformation with the product, and now want to learn how to get the products for free. Or, they looked at the business opportunity and said, “I want in.”

Either way, it’s all great. When you help your four business partners achieve the Business Level or above, you will earn the Ultimate Business Level, again, unlocking every business earning reward you can get. You’ll have also achieved Lifetime Gold Status. You’ll be a Senior Supervisor Title and you’ll have earned $400 in Team Lead Bonus.

In month three, our goal is to help you duplicate the smallest success that you achieved yourself. When you help your four members go Gold, they will also achieve Senior Supervisor. They will also become Gold. They’ll have made $400 each and you will have a team of over 20 partners that you can work with, mastermind with, strategize with, for longterm success. You’ll also be qualified as a Director and more importantly, you’ll have earned over a $1,000 in lifetime earnings and you’re just beginning to realize the power of residual income.

In month four, our goal is to help your four members go, Director, themselves. When they go Director, just like you did, now granted, it will take a lot of coaching and training to make this happen, but when they achieve Director, you will have achieved Senior Officer and at Senior Officer, you’re now earning virtually every bonus, and income stream that ARIIX has to give. You’ll have earned over $3,000 in one week. You’ll have earned a new line and re-entry for unlimited earning potential and you’ll have over a hundred thousand opportunity credits to spend on travel and trips to see the world. At ARIIX, you really can have it all. It starts with you, your transformation and your four business partners.

For more information about ARIIX contact Rick Billings directly at 407-733-3502 or email at

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