Fun Way to Burn Calories 1 of 2
fun ways to burn calories

Fun Way to Burn Calories 1 of 2

fun ways to burn caloriesBurn Calories

Losing weight and burning calories does not have to be something perceived as a burden. Just because you want to burn calories does not right away mean you cannot have fun because believe it or not you can still have fun while you losing weight at the same time! Although you still need to be watching the things you should be eating but it should not just stop there. You should go out of your way and have fun while you burn calories because having fun makes you more effective and efficient in successfully losing weight in the long run. The problem with most people is they think of exercise and working out as something of a full time job that requires a lot of effort. This is one of the reasons why most if not all people fail at losing weight.

fun way to burn calories by grocery shopping

So how do you have fun when you burn calories? Here are some great ways to do just that.

First way to burn calories while having fun is to go grocery shopping. You might think it’s the exact opposite but it’s really not. When you go grocery shopping, all that eye feasting as you navigate your shopping cart around all those tempting goodies will already burn you a good 115 calories. That does not yet include the calories burned as you load those grocery bags in your car and unload it at your house. Easy, fun, and you get to burn calories without much effort.

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Next way to burn calories while having fun is to do a lot of thinking…maybe about that special someone you are having a crush on or maybe a good game of scrabble. Let’s just go with a game of scrabble instead. Did you know that our brain burns a certain number of calories as we think? Seems surprising to most of you but when you come to think of it you are actually using your brain when you think, which is why you get to burn calories. In fact, our brains actually burn an average of 300 calories every single day already and having a game of scrabble that requires some good amount of brain power will lead to an additional 200 calories burned.