Financial Freedom: The Basic Rule
achieving financial freedom

Financial Freedom: The Basic Rule

achieving financial freedomFinancial Freedom

Always remember this basic rule when attaining financial freedom, love people and use money instead of using people to love money! Never step on other people as you go and pursue financial freedom because the whole essence of it would be pretty much made useless. Like fire, money can be a good servant but a bad master. Ever noticed the rich but greedy people who wanted to have it all but ended up broke anyways? And remember how those used to be polite and kind individuals who turned into snobs the moment they attained financial freedom? That is never the right way and would always lead to your downfall.

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The best way to achieve the ultimate goal as well as the financial freedom

Attaining financial freedom should not be used to make only you happy but it should also be used to make other people happy as well especially your loved ones. Just put it this way, if you want to be happy and get everything you want then help others become happy and get everything they want! It is as simple as that. That is how attaining financial freedom should be freedom all yours

No matter how much fame and fortune you have and even if you already have everything you want in life as a result of financial freedom, you will still always have that emptiness within you because you probably made financial freedom and not happiness, your ultimate dream. Life is not just all about being rich, having big house, and driving fancy cars…life is all about being able to help and being able to touch other people’s lives and lead them to the right path. Money is just used to help you achieve this more efficiently. The basic rule here is to become rich for a greater purpose and for the greater good of all because obviously you can never help the poor if you are one of them. There is nothing wrong with becoming rich as long as your intentions are purely good.