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November 6, 2015

How To Differentiate A Legit Multi level Marketing Company To Pyramids?

Multi level marketing business

A multi-level marketing business is a very unique marketing strategy designed by marketing genius who are already fade up with traditional business, simply because in a traditional business, only those with huge capital can easily rise to the ladder of fame and financial fortune, while the ordinary consumers remain as consumers and will never have the chance to compete with those on top of the list.

A real, legitimate MLM will offer products with value, that can sometimes massively improve people’s lives, and are always something that people want. No fees are receiving by actually “recruiting” somebody, just when they sell products.

A pyramid scheme on the other hand will not have a product, or it will pretend to have a product, but will really just be selling the business opportunity, and people will be recruiting people based on making money recruiting people. There are many companies like this out there, and unfortunately they give legitimate multi level marketing companies a bad name.

multi level marketing

Multi level Marketing Business a numbers game

Because recruitment and growing a downline is a numbers game, there is rarely a situation where somebody is refused entry into an MLM. As long as they have somebody to sponsor them, they are good to go. This has its good and bad sides.

The good side is that it really means absolutely anybody has the opportunity to grow a real business and achieve fortune, without needing a lot of start-up capital or experience. Good mlm companies provide plenty of training, and successful partners are always offering insight to their downline to help everybody grow.

The bad side is that all sorts of scammers and “get rich quick” people end up joining network marketing companies, behaving unethically, and again giving those companies a bad name. Even after they are expelled, the damage stays.

In the end, multi level marketing is a unique opportunity for hundreds and thousands of people and has proven this time and time again over the years. Sticking with one of the major companies can change lives. The important thing is not to get mistaken and fall for one of the mimic pyramid schemes and end up getting burnt.

Wave of the future multi level marketing business

Why did financial experts called multi level marketing as “wave of the future” kind of business? The answer is simple:

  1. MLM companies have unique compensation plans you cannot find in any other traditional business. This comp plan is the compass used by its members to remain steadfast in fighting for their dreams for financial freedom, knowing that if they can execute their game plan such as growing their network of business partners in key cities and areas around the country, they can clearly see what will happen to their income bases on the company’s compensation plan.
  2. Experts called MLM Business the wave of the future because products move very fast, even faster than the traditional businesses. The scenario here is very clear why the products move fast without even using the fastest cargoes and trucks to travel and transfer the products from one place to the other. The products are simply brought by the leaders themselves and passed on to their network of business partners. In fact, in very far villages and remote places, the product can easily reach, while the competitors in the traditional business cannot do it because they are very dependent on panels and cargo vehicles to transport their products.
  3. Business partners in MLM business have made their homes as display centers of their products, and because of this marketing strategy, they can easily invite their closest friends. They are trained by the company to conduct product presentations, the main reason why products sold easily, while the competitors in traditional business only unload their in partner stores waiting for consumers to buy.

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