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Personal Development Tools For Entrepreneurs

First and foremost, personal development is a lifelong process. It is a skill that must be worked, similar to that of a muscle. Although you might set a great foundation initially reading personal development books and audios, conferences or workshops, it must be nurtured, cared for, and fed often. And, with the right personal development […]

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How to Harness Your Prospects’ Unspoken Desires to Exponentially Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing mastermind Eugene Schwartz introduces the concept of “mass desire” in the first chapter of the classic Breakthrough Advertising. And this concept is often misunderstood. See, a desire represents something deep-seated and psychological, much more than a simple want or need. Desires are like matter itself… They can’t be created or destroyed. They’re essentially eternal, part and parcel of the human […]

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How to Guarantee Your Prospects Will Enthusiastically Say, “YES!” When You Invite Them to Take a Look at Your Business!

How would you like to guarantee your prospects enthusiastically say, “YES!” when you invite them to take a look at your business? Maybe that sounds like a tall order… But it’s absolutely possible, and I’m about to reveal exactly how to make it happen through my 3 “golden rules” of cold market recruiting. If you […]

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3 Steps to Win in Business

Believe it or not, as a new entrepreneur—whether you’ve started an online business or offline business—one of your biggest hurdles is time management. Now, I personally don’t like to call it that, because I’m an “A-type” personality and I don’t like to be managed… However, here’s the challenge: When you first start out in business […]

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