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How to Mentally Prepare for a Successful Business

When tackling a goal, preparing yourself mentally is crucial to accomplishing that goal. Let’s get prepared: • Establish and project an unshakeable confidence that you’ll achieve your goal. Absolutely imperative!! Even if you don’t have genuine confidence in the beginning, “fake it ‘til you make it.” Achieving your goal should not be in question; think […]

2014 Will Be A Great Year!

What will you do to change in the upcoming year? 2014 will be the greatest year ever so long as you make it that way. Some people don’t want anything to change and that is OK. But to those who have dreams that have not been fulfilled then it time to create a plan to […]

Are you like us? Are you looking for…

Financial security Time to make family your first priority Money to pay for a vacation Money to pay for your children’s education A proven home business in health and wellness Better, safer products for your home and family Shared values and ethics People who are serious and self-motivated Complete training and support – FREE of […]


BUSINESSFORHOME.ORG RANKS ARIIX AS TOP CURRENT MLM MOMENTUM COMPANY & TOP OPPORTUNITY COMPANY  BOUNTIFUL, Utah – As a new company in the industry, ARIIX continues to grow in both stature and reputation. “,” an independent, non-biased, MLM news and ranking site, gave ARIIX their own accolades. The youngest company in their ratings, ARIIX was rated the highest Momentum MLM Company and a top Opportunity Company […]

What Type of Income Do You Have?

type of income

Type of Income There are only three known types of income in this world and these are first the earned or active type of income, second the passive type of income and third the portfolio type of income.Earned or active type of income is mostly the type of income that the majority of the world […]

What Makes People Rich


Rich Based on the book entitled “The Business School for People Who Like Helping People” by Robert Kiyosaki, if you want to be rich then you need to either be a business owner or an investor or even both. This is what makes people rich. It is not really the money that makes people rich […]