Cashflow Quadrant: The Employee Quadrant
employee quadrant application

Cashflow Quadrant: The Employee Quadrant

Employee Quadrant

employee quadrant application  As discussed earlier, the employee quadrant has a core value of security. There is no difference between a rank and file employee and a top executive when it comes to this value because although the latter greatly differs from the former in terms of salary but their value and mindset in life are both the same. They are both united by job security which is the reason why they belong in the same employee quadrant. They are both working for the rich and are working for money instead of money working for them. If these individuals from the employee quadrant get sick or if they stop and take a vacation break, their income also stops unfortunately.employee quadrant

Get to know what the employee quadrant is all about

The employee quadrant is constantly looking for a safe secure kind of job and pretty much live pay check to pay check. Some may get rich such as the high ranking executives but not as rich as the big business owners and investors. The employee quadrant usually has no freedom because they are always told what to do by someone of higher position than them. They believe that their job is their key to a secured and successful financial future not being aware how easily they can lose their jobs. They believe that a good high paying job is their key to a happy life. They greatly rely on their jobs so much that when their company’s downsize and start laying off some workers, they no longer know what to do next and start to panic because of being jobless.employee quadrant termination

Is the employee quadrant the ideal quadrant?

People from the employee quadrant are just one to two months away from bankruptcy. They usually do not have much because of their employee mindset. In other words, they are holding on to something that will never give them true financial freedom and security!