September 8, 2012

Intro to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom since, as we all know money is what makes the world tick. Without money we cannot survive in the sense that we will not be able to buy the things we need to live such as food, shelter, and clothing. Contrary to popular belief, money is not the root of all evil since it is the LOVE OF MONEY that is supposed to be the root of all evil. This means that having money and having financial freedom is not a sin but in fact it is a blessing and can be used for either good or bad.

financial freedomA very important introduction to financial freedom

The best way to attain financial freedom has been discovered

It is every person’s dream to at least live an enjoyable and pleasurable life and being able to do whatever and wherever one wishes. But we can never achieve this if we are not financially free because our finances is the only thing that can make us capable of achieving such thing. Besides, how can you help the poor if you are one of them right? So to be able to live life like how it should be lived then one always naturally seeks to have financial freedom at one point in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, achieving financial freedom for a lot of people seems very hard to do for some reason. There are some who keep on trying to do everything for the sake of financial freedom but never always make it while there are also others who never seek it but later on achieve it without even realizing how they got there. Financial freedom may be easy or hard for some but in reality it is not really as hard as you think it would be. You see financial freedom is something that has already been achieved by hundreds and thousands of people way back thousands of years ago which means it is not really that impossible to attain. All you have to do is to simply follow the principles and proven strategies that successful people used to achieve independence or financial freedom. Some people probably did the proven secrets of financial freedom without knowing which is probably the reason why there are some people we refer to as very lucky. Some people simply discovered these secrets and faithfully applied it into their lives each and everyday until they finally achieved financial freedom.

We will be sharing to you these secrets to financial freedom in a bit but before we start, we need to tell you as part of this introduction that financial freedom is never and will never be a destination but it is always a journey! What do we mean by this? This simply tells us that by the time you achieve financial freedom you should never stop acquiring it but instead you should keep on doing more productive things to become even more financially successful because as what we have mentioned, it is a journey. You cannot just become rich and spend all the money afterwards or keep it all in a secure place. It is an ongoing process similar to taking a bath or eating your meals…it is a lifelong habit or a lifestyle.

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