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September 18, 2012

Financial Freedom Secret #8: Total Self-Discipline

Financial Freedom

What separates the rich from the poor and the successful ones who already attained financial freedom from the failures who attained nothing at all is the fact that successful people have the self discipline of doing what failures hate performing. You see, failures hate things that are hard because all they want in life is pleasure and convenience. They never want to pay the price and want things the easy way, which is the reason why they always fail because life is all about a matter of balance and sacrifice. There is no shortcut to financial freedom which means you will never get there easily but you have to work smart and work hard to deserve it.

selfdiscipline and financial freedomSelf-discipline in relation to financial freedom

The best way to attain financial freedom has been discovered

Successful people especially the ones who have already experienced lasting financial freedom are the ones who worked smart and hard at first sacrificing a lot of things which is why they are now living the life of their dreams after years of paying the price. These successful people who have already acquired real financial freedom will never ever go bankrupt. Even if you take all their wealth away from them including the financial freedom that they deserved, they will always gain it all back even more because they already have that self discipline of becoming successful overall. Anyone can steal every single possession you have but never your wisdom and your attitude. That is why attaining financial freedom is not really about how much money you have or how many achievements you have made but its all about how well you have successfully developed yourself to become the person you ought to be. Everything lies within you and when you have successfully developed and mastered that inner thing, everything else would pretty much fall into place like it is on autopilot.

Developing self-discipline for financial freedom in a deeper sense means that you are able to stick firmly to your decisions no matter what the circumstances may be. You are not easily swayed by other people, but you in your own sense and in your own mind have your own beliefs and understandings which lead you to be firm in what you choose and in what you believe to be what’s right.

If take for example you are self-disciplined enough to go for financial freedom then no matter what you may be experiencing each day and no matter the negativities around, you will always succeed and achieve what you want because you have already firmly disciplined yourself to stick to that decision of becoming successful no matter what.

When you are able to master self-discipline within yourself, you can pretty much do and become successful in anything that your heart desires since you are already able to make yourself do what it should do when you should do it. The way to start developing this habit of self-discipline is to practice it for at least 30 days straight and before you know it you are no longer the bummer you used to be before. Self-mastery or self-discipline is one of the sweetest things you can ever have in this life so treasure it wisely and do today what others won’t so that tomorrow you will be able to accomplish great things that others cannot.

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