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September 13, 2012

Financial Freedom Secret #4: Accepting the Fact we are only HUMAN

Financial Freedom

As for our fourth secret, we can learn that in order to achieve financial freedom means to know how to accept ones failures and shortcomings. We have to admit that we are not perfect and that no matter how hard we try to become the best, we will still always be prone to errors because that is what makes us human beings. Besides, we learn from our mistakes to make us closer to our SMART goals for financial freedom even more.

failure and financial freedomFailure as part of attaining financial freedom

The best way to attain financial freedom has been discovered

Remember how Thomas Edison committed so many mistakes and failed numerous times but never gave up until he discovered the light bulb? If he gave up, we would not be probably enjoying the lights and electricity we are all having nowadays. It is pretty much the same with financial freedom, if we do not learn how to accept all the failures and mistakes successfully then it would be of no surprise at all if we fail. In order to achieve financial freedom we have to learn how to accept failures because it is part of the learning process. We can never succeed if we never fail.

If you ask successful people such as IBM founder Thomas Watson, he said that if you want financial freedom badly then you must double your rate of failure because according to him overall success lies in the far side of failure!

Failure helps us become stronger, better, more resilient, and much more driven to achieve anything we desire such as financial freedom. Ever also wondered why most great and successful legends such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and many more still got to where they are right now despite of being college dropouts? It is because they never feared failure. They never feared to try out something new even it means to fail to finish college.

Another example is a man who failed in all his business ventures at age 22, decided to run for public office at the age of 23 but still failed. By age 27, he had a nervous breakdown and decided to run again for public office at the age of 29 but never won. He then still tried again at the age of 31, 34, 39, 46, 47, and 49 but still FAILED! He persevered and never let failure become an obstacle to his success and tried again at the age of 51 and FINALLY WON and became the first great president of the United States of America…he is no other than Abraham Lincoln.

As you pursue financial freedom and lasting overall success always be ready and willing to go through a lot of failure because this will help you get closer to your success goals. Failures will always come no matter what so make it a habit to do and overcome the things that you fear the most and never be afraid to try and to fail. Before you know it, you will eventually reach the point wherein you are no longer afraid of anything or pretty much unstoppable. You will feel like the world is yours and that you can achieve greater things anytime you wish. It will become your stepping stone to financial freedom!

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