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November 25, 2012

Attraction Marketing Strategies: Comprehensive List 2012 (#77-#81)

attraction marketing thru trainingsAttraction Marketing Strategies

Attraction Marketing Strategy #77 is to get the most out of your company trainings. Invite your prospects to attend for them to have a peek behind your company’s background and see the bigger picture. Always share the recordings with them if available. Maximize these while it’s offered for free at the expense of your company. Don’t waste the opportunity while you still have it.

attraction marketing email

Attraction Marketing Strategy #78 is to offer discounts, promos, and free bonuses because everyone loves these kinds of stuff and are greatly attracted to it. They are a great way to prompt your prospects to take action immediately without thinking twice. To give you an idea, offer freebies that contain valuable information and tips. Just be creative and think like you were in the prospect’s shoes.

The different strategies for attraction marketing success before the year 2012 ends!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #79 is to work your list by taking advantage of e-mail marketing and keep sharing valuable content, tips and resources with your subscribers. By working this out you will be able to build strong relationships and trust leading to more loyal customers and potential business partners attracted to you.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #80 is to do business with integrity and never compromise it for anything else such as making more money. Build an undeniable reputation of integrity and you will never have any difficulty struggling in attracting the right people into your business since people are always looking to follow those who are completely honest and not fake. Don’t be selfish, be ethical, and instil good values and everything will just fall into the right place.attraction marketing thru business integrity

Put attraction marketing into ACTION NOW!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #81 is to do joint ventures. Find people who have your audience already and co-create products with them or maybe even look for people in your target market who have larger lists than yours. Joint ventures are a good way to start boosting your business for greater success so don’t forget to consider them for the success of your business.

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