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November 24, 2012

Attraction Marketing Strategies: Comprehensive List 2012 (#43-#52)

attraction marketing dollarsAttraction Marketing Strategies

Attraction Marketing Strategy #43 is to put a price tag to your products at the right time. If you have been offering great value for free, your prospects will know that your priced product will be just right for them no matter how expensive it might get.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #44 is to tease your prospects. Notice how you always seek for more whenever you see a teaser of a good movie? That is the power of teasing and it is a very effective attraction marketing strategy. If you’re selling your new product, give your prospects a sneak preview instead of giving the whole thing. For example, if it’s a video series, you can offer the first one for free. If it’s an e-book, you can offer the first chapter for free. Build curiosity in the minds of your prospects and they will surely be greatly into you and what you have to offer.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #45 is to go beyond the extra mile by over-delivering on your promises. Meeting expectations is good but exceeding what was expected is best. Exceed your prospects’ expectations by over-delivering in everything you do. They will not look anywhere else as they know you will never disappoint them. In addition, if you commit any mistake in your part you it would be easily forgotten and forgiven since you have already developed that image of being a trusted leader that always strives to never disappoint people.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #46 is to make use of pulling landing pages. Get straight to the point, showing specific benefits and real life results. Make it easy for people to leave their personal details by placing an easy form above the fold and by reminding your potential prospects that there is no risk and that they can always unsubscribe at any time they wish. They will be confident that you will be able to help them since you overcame your challenges and became a success story. Always remember to build your personal image because that is always what people will look for in a person that they think would make a great leader. People join because of you and not your business or your product or whatever you have to offer.

The different strategies for attraction marketing success before the year 2012 ends!magnetic attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing Strategy #47 is to use a personal approach and stop hiding behind your company’s replicated websites because they never do work! They don’t promote you in anyway and turn people off. Remember to be unique and stand out from the rest. Show everyone how YOU can help them.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #48 is to offer a bribe. Not the illegal kind of course. What we mean here is an ethical bribe where you entice people to sign up to your list, such as a free e-book, report, e-course, video or audio series. Just be creative on this one and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and think of that perfect bribe that would entice them to sign up to your list.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #49 is to let your voice be heard. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and to raise your opinions and be assertive. Don’t overdo it though because that would be rude. Just do it right with respect and ensure authenticity and consistency of your voice across your entire online and offline presence.social media attraction marketing

Put attraction marketing into ACTION NOW!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #50 is to develop your unique selling point by answering these questions: Who are you? Why should anyone follow you? What makes you tick? What are your strengths? And what is your specialty?

Attraction Marketing Strategy #51 is to have a commitment to excellence. Always strive for excellence in everything you touch, going an extra mile. Your content and profiles represent you online, so make sure it’s a true reflection of who you are. Always seek for excellence because success in anything is always a result of excellence.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #52 is to take advantage of the power of social media. Almost all top brands are now using social media networks to get more traffic, leads, and conversions. Create social media buzz and get raving fans. Don’t miss out on this one…online presence is everything!

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