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November 22, 2012

Attraction Marketing Strategies: Comprehensive List 2012 (#10-#20)

attraction marketing leaderAttraction Marketing Strategies

Attraction Marketing Strategy #10 is to go and build a convincing and unique brand. Be known for something since there’s so much competition online and it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd. Make a brand for yourself that will set you apart from all the rest. Build your own brand and shine on. Having a likeable personal brand is the key to attraction marketing success and will make people naturally attracted to you just like magnets.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #11 is to simply be unique. Remember that this is not something hard to do because each one of us are created to be naturally unique in our own ways that even twins still have their own uniqueness. There is only one you so take advantage of that and stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to express your personality. Be unique as much as possible!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #12 is to build an image and a reputation of a confident but not cocky leader. How you present yourself online is very essential and very critical especially when it comes to being a leader. Have that projected image of a strong and confident leader and your prospects will surely believe and trust in you.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #13 is to not be fake but purely transparent and authentic. This means that you should never pretend to be someone you really are not. Be true to yourself and to other and be transparent in everything you put online and offline, verbally or non-verbally. People are greatly searching for an element of personality that stands out from the crowd and you need to give to them just that. Being a fake and pretending to be someone your not is too mainstream and doing so will never set you apart from the crowd.

The different strategies for attraction marketing success before the year 2012 ends!attraction marketing clients

Attraction Marketing Strategy #14 is to build an amazing presence online for your potential prospects to be able reach out to you. You need to have that great online presence in order for people to communicate with you and get information of what you do. Sell yourself, sell your brand, and promote yourself everywhere!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #15 is to be yourself because you are your best self when you are being yourself. Stop trying to complicate things by acting differently in different situations. Ground your content in who you are and never be afraid to have a point of view. Don’t be too conscious about how other people will think of you, just be yourself and everything will just turn out well.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #16 is to create your own blog for it is your most important marketing tool to build your brand and credibility as well as in attraction marketing. Make an attractive blog and promote it to get maximum exposure and have it generate lots and lots of traffic.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #17 is to research on keywords for your content, which represents you, to be found and read online. You need to be able to target the keywords people are using to search for the kind of opportunity you are offering. Target those keywords by doing a proper keyword research and you will be having lots and lots of people coming to you in no time.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #18 is to position yourself as an expert by becoming a go-to person in your targeted market. This is very effective and very powerful since you are able to lead people to the right direction as they come to you with burning questions and daunting problems. You are the expert so build that image for people to completely trust you on that.lead attraction marketing

Put attraction marketing into ACTION NOW!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #19 is to be presentable for first impressions do last. Put the right image in your prospect’s minds by presenting your best picture so that you will truly be perceived as a confident leader who can be trusted in helping solve problems. Use your best pictures, even if it means getting them professionally done.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #20 is to build rapport. When you say building rapport it means that you should be able to know how to build that connection between your prospects. Build good relationships because that is the key to attraction marketing success. It’s easier to relate and connect with people who share the same interests and aspirations as our own. Remember that most if not all people join your business because of you and not because of the business itself. No matter how lucrative the business is, if they don’t like you then they will never join you. If your business is really that good they can just go and search for other leaders they like with the same business opportunity as you and join there. Well that sucks. You wouldn’t want that to happen would you?

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