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April 15, 2013



BOUNTIFUL, Utah – As a new company in the industry, ARIIX continues to grow in both stature and reputation. “BusinessforHome.org,” an independent, non-biased, MLM news and ranking site, gave ARIIX their own accolades. The youngest company in their ratings, ARIIX was rated the highest Momentum MLM Company and a top Opportunity Company in only its second year of operations.

“I believe we provide a rare opportunity for a person to build their own business in Direct Sales, and it is gratifying to see other organizations, unaffiliated with ARIIX, recognize the power of our vision,” said Fred Cooper, CEO. “As founders, we saw other companies not value their representatives as I believe they should be – we knew this needed to change. Creating a true partnership-like relationship with our field leaders, valuing their production, loyalty and leadership, coupled with an elite line of product brands and a patent-pending compensation plan is what separates ARIIX from others.”

Tim Sales, one of the most respected trainers in Direct Selling, industry icon, and ARIIX master Independent Representative said, “I have been an ambassador for the MLM industry for over 15 years, and am proud to partner with ARIIX. I have never seen a company support, respect, and honor their representatives as well as ARIIX does. ARIIX’s operating bases is that the independent representative is its true foundation. Many companies claim this, but ARIIX puts it in writing, in the products they entrust us to sell, and in the compensation plan. Leaders in our industry dream of the company they can build that will become the next giant – this is it. That’s why I’m here.”



ARIIX is an opportunity-based company that creates high-quality brand name products that target specific health needs through collaboration with experts in the health and wellness industry. With a growing global presence, ARIIX continues to spread the messages of personal opportunity and health. ARIIX provides global vision, outstanding industry experience, leadership, representative partnership and protection alongside a patent-pending compensation plan created to give the greatest benefit to the Representative. Founded on experienced leaders in business, human wellness, and the importance of a person, ARIIX has a vision of helping others to unleash their potential for good. Currently, ARIIX is in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

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