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September 20, 2012

ARIIX and the Ideal Business by Paine Webber 1 of 2

ariix officialARIIX

We are not trying to be biased or something but we cannot hide the fact based on our research and according to most people that ARIIX is pretty much one of the most qualified businesses that fits perfectly to the standards of an Ideal Business according to the Paine Webber company.

Comparison of ARIIX with the Ideal Business by Paine Webber


ARIIX = Ideal Business

When you take a good and close look at ARIIX and the standards of th so called “ideal business” you will notice how ARIIX is able

to meet most if not all of the criteria set forth. Feel free to raise any positive or negative opinion if you feel something is not right. If none please feel free to continue reading.

The first point raised by the ideal business is its ability to go global and not just locally or to a certain place. ARIIX obviously is targeting the whole world as its market for the mission and the vision itself states that it is determined in unleashing the human potential for good on a global scale.

ARIIX LogoThe next one states that an ideal business should have inelastic demand such as the grocery goods example we mentioned earlier on a previous article. If you study the ARIIX nutritional products one can consider that these products have inelastic demand because they target overall health and wellness and we all know that health is the most important asset we can ever have in our entire lives. Whether you like it or not our world is not getting any better. We are getting more and more technologically advanced and the price we are paying for it is our health. You know all these instant processes and chemicals make most of our fruits and vegetable already devoid of nutrients unlike before and so as a result health and wellness will become our number one priority for many years to come. Even if ARIIX increases its prices, people will still have a high demand for it because it is a necessity or a basic need in order to survive just like the way we treat food. This therefore tells us that ARIIX has again met this second high standard of an ideal business.

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