Achieving Satisfaction in All Areas of Your Life defines personal satisfaction as “a subjective evaluation, judgment, or attitude expressed by an individual with respect to the attainment of certain goals or needs based on his level of aspiration or expectation.” In other words, how does your life measure up to what you expected or hoped it would be? Although psychologists are best […]

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves…

Trivia question: Who said those famous 5 words? …Albert Einstein – quite possibly the greatest mind of all time. I just finished an impressive book titled: “Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves” by Robert Ringer and as I often do when I come across great material, I want to share some key thoughts that may […]

Five Tips When Starting A Business

So, you’ve decided to start a home-based business? Good for you! You’ve just joined the ranks of 79 million North Americans who are expected to start their own home based business in the next 3 to 5 years according to Forbes Magazine. You may be juggling a full time job, a part time job and […]

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