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November 23, 2012

Attraction Marketing Strategies: Comprehensive List 2012 (#31-#42)

attraction marketing strategyAttraction Marketing Strategies

Attraction Marketing Strategy #31 is to show people what you are doing because your prospects will always want what you have so show them how you run your business and how you get your results. Show people how you are doing things such as by sharing your daily planner, your goals and achievements and you will be attracting people like crazy.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #32 is to find a good marketing system because when you drive traffic to your business through a system, you will attract more prospects. In addition, if your system is set up to qualify the prospects for you, sorting out the tire-kickers, you’ll only get to talk to the serious ones therefore saving you precious time. That is how essential it is to have a good marketing system so be careful.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #33 is to make deals and offers that are very hard to resist. Offer something that would make anyone do anything to get it. Bundle that irresistible offer with a solution-driven and no-risk purchase such as a money back guarantee and you will surely have skyrocketing results!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #34 is to prove to your prospects what you are really capable of doing. In this world we live in, evidence is power so always present the undeniable proof from your existing customers and team members that you can solve people’s problems and help them achieve their goals. Testimonials can inspire people to be attracted to you so give them proof…give them evidence and be proud of your achievements.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #35 is to generate your own leads. You will learn how to do this as soon as you have been into proper training. Never buy leads because it will never work. Generate your own for long-term success.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #36 is to never mislead people. The worst thing that you could do online is to provide misleading information. Always validate your claims, you want to build trust, not break it. Remember to protect your image and reputation as a confident and reliable leader because nobody would ever want to follow someone who gives misleading information. That just shows how irresponsible and unreliable that so called leader is.

attraction marketing magnetic sponsoring

Attraction Marketing Strategy #37 is to go and do interviews. Get in contact with the industry leaders online or at the live events and interview them! Always learn from the experts because each has his or her own unique experience you can greatly learn from. After having the interviews, put the recordings on your sites and build credibility. Your prospects will not only benefit from the content you have shared but will also associate you with those other successful people making you even more attractive as a leader and an expert.

The different strategies for attraction marketing success before the year 2012 ends!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #38 is to create an ebook or report. This is perfect if you love reading and writing. So if this is one of your strengths then go build on that. You don’t really need anything big and complicated because a simple ebook or report that people would be interested in will work well as long as it’s packed with valuable and priceless information.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #39 is to promote your own self. You have to remember that everything starts with yourself. You should have your own personal brand of uniqueness that sets you apart from the rest. You need to showcase your personality, skills and talent.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #40 is to offer free consultations about any topic that your targeted market would be interested in. This way you get to build your image and reputation while getting to connect with potential targeted prospects. Just do it for a limited time to have the sense of urgency.increase productivity thru attraction marketing

Put attraction marketing into ACTION NOW!

Attraction Marketing Strategy #41 is to hold free webinars besides having free consultations. Do regular webinars so you can connect with your prospects, share your story and answer their questions no matter where you are in the world. This is more effective than physically meeting in a certain place.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #42 is to use a specific date in all your transactions and not just on the free consultation part. When offering a product or bonus, use a specific date to let everyone know that they should decide now because if they don’t then you would never be able to get a hold of that great product or opportunity you have for their future.

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