Rick's Primary Business, ARIIX — THE Opportunity Company

ARIIX — THE Opportunity Company is Disrupting the MLM Industry!

There's a revolution taking place in the direct sales and network marketing industry and it's happening here at ARIIX. Why wait to achieve all that you want when everything you could every need and desire is available to you right now? It's an opportunity of a lifetime – an opportunity to join a team of people just as dedicated as you are to making a change in their life, to enjoying their family and their time to the fullest, to putting the work into making a transformation and paving the road toward success.
You may not have considered an MLM business opportunity before but I guarantee ARIIX is one of the strongest foundations on which to build. The opportunity is extensive and your human potential is unlimited.
Here are a few things where ARIIX is disrupting the network marketing industry:
  • ​The ARIIX Industry 1st Representatives BILL OF RIGHTS, giving true ownership to you in your business.
  • A brand strategy currently offering 6 different unique brands in the Health & Wellness Industry.
  • A management team that consist of 7 owners with over 125 years experience in the network marketing industry.
  • Publishing the highest payout in compensation in the network marketing industry at 51%. 
  • ARIIX'S up front Team Lead Bonus pays MORE than any other Compensation Plan while point still roll up. 
  • ARIIX has 3 Patents on the ARIIX Multiline Compensation Plan.
  • ARIIX has offices in 9 Countries and is shipping into 28 Countries.
  • The ARIIX Founders Club members enjoy rights and benefits never seen before, such as policy and procedures recommendations, voting decisions in any compensation plan modifications, Representative compliance, and participation in future profits in markets they have developed.
ARIIX is a company rooted in success and service. As a team, we work together to make our dreams come true. If you’re ready to start living your own dream, then start today! We're ready to help you find your way along this incredible journey through which you will feel more empowered than you ever could have thought possible.
Hello my friends...Rick Billings here. I am currently looking for motivated people that are looking to create massive wealth and are open to a huge opportunity.
The company I represent is called ARIIX and they are a international opportunity company selling high-quality branded products through an entrepreneurial network. We're a young company, launched July 2011, that is owned and operated by 7 entrepreneurs with a combined 100-years experience in the industry. ARIIX is doing over $200 million in sales in North America, the European Union and Asia Pacific offering a unique brand strategy. Our brands are focused in the health and wellness sector which has been driven by baby-boomers for decades and is a trillion-dollar industry.
One very important aspect that sets ARIIX apart from their competitors is the unique products they've created that are all non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.
Another important feature is their Activ8 Compensation Plan which has four patents pending and yields the highest payout in the industry.
I've been self-employed since 1985 and have the entrepreneurial discipline to help you succeed. I've achieved the CEO rank in ARIIX in just 4-years. It doesn't matter what your background is when joining ARIIX. You can become extremely successful when you join the right team and apply a strong work ethic.
With extremely high-quality products, an patent pending amazing compensation plan, and a mentor/coach like myself you have everything to create massive success. I'm here to show you the way. Your first step is to join and start consuming the products.
So, the decision is yours...reach out to me and let's talk and start building your dream life today!
Rick Billings
2017 ARIIX Power Rankings: 4th in the USA & Canada
#1 ARIIX Product Salesperson in the World!
(Currently ARIIX has over 100,000 Reps Worldwide)
Proudly Representing Jouve, Slenderiiz, Puritii, Priime, Nutrifii & Reviive...the Six ARIIX Brands!

This Industry Isn't For Everyone...BUT What If It Is For You?

Here's a great 3 minute video giving a a few great tips. ~Rick

Presenting ARIIX--THE Opportunity Company

Take a few minutes and watch this video as I explain Leverage Residual Income in more details and provide a solution for anyone who is ready for change. ~Rick

THE Opportunity Company™ refers to your ability to unleash your human potential for good through obtaining and cultivating Strong Finances.

ARIIX Accolades 2016 THE Opportunity Company

The top reasons I chose to partner with ARIIX is the ethics of the 7 owners, the representatives "Bill of Rights", the brand strategy philosophy ARIIX has created and for the Activ8 Compensation Plans which is the highest payout in the industry with patents pending. ~Rick 

Selecting The Right Opportunity

When you’re considering a financial opportunity in the network marketing industry, consider this:
Let me ask you a question. Are you here exploring this page because you're not making the money you expected in business or working for someone else and you know there is a better way.

If that’s the case…please read on…I can help you!!!

Choosing the right company is very important, along with joining the right team and having a mentor/coach that understands that business is about helping make people’s lives better. And this is where I come in. In the Past 60 Years, there has only been a handful of MLM Businesses that have become Billion-Dollar Success Stories. Just a few of those have gone on to become Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses. With over 30 years of business experience, I know with all my heart the ARIIX has everything in place that it takes to become the next billion-dollar success story and it is their vision to do just that!

“Finding the right sponsor is the key to your success in network marketing. A sponsor is someone who will guide you and provide the necessary support to help you grow your business.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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ARIIX is the perfect vehicle to achieve massive success in your life. Now it's up to you. Are you ready to put in the work it takes to become successful? ARIIX has shifted into massive momentum, so now's the time...don't miss the opportunity of your lifetime!

In this video, you will feel the heart of ARIIX...

In this video the Owners of ARIIX share there passion for changing the Network Marketing Industry. 


When determining a company to join, here are a few key points for you to consider:


You can maximize your business by following and capitalizing on key trends. Keeping you relevant, competitive, and profitable in an ever-changing market, as an ARIIX Representative, you have the opportunity to diversify your product and service offerings through the representation and selling of ARIIX brands:
Revolutionary Skincare
The Company OLD 1
Pure Water & Air Filtration
The Company OLD 2
Essential Oils
The Company OLD 3
Weight Loss System
The Company OLD 4
Optimal Nutrition
The Company OLD 5
Personal Care Products
The Company OLD 6


The Company OLD 7
Rewarding you to the fullest, the patent-pending ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan is literally the highest paying compensation plan in the industry. You have the opportunity to be paid on infinite width and infinite depth.


It’s actually and legally your business. Establishing another industry-first, ARIIX has created a Bill of Rights that legally binds the company to keeping you protected, including protection from the company itself.
The Company OLD 8


The Company OLD 9
With over 100 years of combined, successful experience, the ARIIX leadership team knows what it takes to create a lasting and thriving business. Our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for their accomplishments, but also for their responsible management of their success.
L to R: Mark Wilson, President, Deanna Latson, Chief Product Officer, Wenhan Zhang, Chief Information Officer, Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO, Riley Timmer, Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Yates, Chief Financial Officer, and Ian Chandler, VP of Business Development-Asia Pacific. All Founders of ARIIX.


The Company OLD 10
ARIIX is leading the way with the highest paying compensation plan in the entire industry! Take a few minutes and listen to Dr. Fred Cooper and Ian Chandler explain...
You'll see in this video that ARIIX is so confident in there compensation to the field that they had shown the facts in these graphs below. With the proper research anyone can fine this information online. 
You'll see Publicly Traded companies listed below ARIIX in the first chart and their payouts. In the second chart you'll see the payouts of other companies in the industry. ​
ARIIX leads the way with a 51% payout in their compensation plan. ​

Rick Billings explains the ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan in detail. 

ARIIX Commission Payout

Rick Billings #1 in ARIIX Products Sales in North America

Rick Billings is featured on Mark Wilson's weekly Presidents Call for ARIIX.
The Company OLD 11
Rick Billings and Mark Wilson, President of ARIIX in Cancun, Mexico - April 2016


Here are the qualities that we live by at ARIIX. You know you’re in the right place because you:
  • Find hard work fulfilling and enjoy being rewarded accordingly.
  • Lead your business with integrity.
  • Encourage the success of others, and appreciate the same in return.
  • Believe recognition should be granted based on hard work and not favoritism.
  • Favor a long-term, stable business opportunity over instant gratification.
  • Discourage prejudice and bias.
  • Strive for the common good.
  • Demand fair and equal rights for all.
ARIIX was founded on the principles of integrity and always doing the right thing no matter the cost. ARIIX Representatives are a part of a global, tightly knit family that represents the best of what one can become. And it’s through this familial spirit that we are able to unite, make long-lasting friendships, and maintain a successful circle of influence so that together we can unleash our human potential for good.
The Company OLD 12
Heshie Segal Yardley, PA

There are people in network marketing who say they will always support the people they enroll and the people who are in their downlines. The challenge is that once enrolled, many “forget” what they said. Rick Billings is one of those people who NEVER forgets and is there to help anyone on his team, and in fact, in his company he is a fabulous team player and I am pleased to say I am in his downline.

Rick Billings is the “real deal”. Rick has the skills, both technical and business, to help you get your business off the ground so that you stack the odds of success in your favor for your business. Honestly, you can’t ask for much more from anyone. You still have to do your own work in order to make it. However, I can sincerely say this…if you are in Rick’s organization, you have the best chance in order to make your own efforts pay off. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to get my business started with Rick’s guidance. You may not know this yet; but, you found the right guy and the right team. Go for it!

The Company OLD 13
Nate Brooks Austin, TX
The Company OLD 14
Peter Gonzales Napa, CA

In my search for a great network marketing business, I knew a coach like Rick Billings is what I needed. After speaking with Rick about ARIIX I knew the match was made. He has been there every time I’ve called and has returned emails promptly. Being an experienced network marketer, I know the first 90 days is very important to get a fast start. With Rick as my coach I have it made. I’m excited about this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone looking.

ARIIX is an international opportunity company that creates superior, exclusively branded products marketed through independent representatives. To promote healthy living, ARIIX develops toxic-free products through collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. With a devotion to helping others unleash their potential for good, ARIIX provides a global vision, outstanding management experience, driven industry leadership, and a valued partnership that protects its representatives. This partnership is underscored by a patent-pending compensation plan created to give the greatest benefit to the representative. The ARIIX opportunity and products are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States.
I've been with ARIIX from the very first day they opened the company, July 4, 2011!
The Company OLD 15

Rick with Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO and co-Founder/Owner

The Company OLD 16

Rick with Mark Wilson, President and co-Founder/Owner

You deserve a Coach, a Partner and a Friend that is 100% Committed to Helping You Achieve Your Goals & Dreams…THAT’S ME!

The Company OLD 17
The Company OLD 18

Tim Sales & Rick

With over 30 years of experience in business, I’m extremely confident as a Coach, a Mentor and your Partner to guide you in the initial 3-6-12 months of building your business. I have developed a Team Support site called GlobalSuccessLeaders.com to assist our team in the growth of their ARIIX Business. I’ve also created several recruiting/sales sites, one being http://Rick.ExploreAriix.com that each new representative on our team has access too.
I’m here to help anyone, no matter what your skill level is, to create a residual stream of income that can last a lifetime. We have a system, tools and a proven process to build a great business. I have the same psychology as Tim Sales our master distributor...build one company and build it big.
If you understand the power of aligning yourself with top leaders and want to learn network marketing online and offline then you could be the person I’m looking for.
Opportunities like ARIIX come once in a person’s lifetime. I truly believe that ARIIX is the most incredible opportunity of your lifetime. I also believe that with earning a lot of money comes the responsibility of helping others do the same and I am committed to doing just that. I would personally like to introduce you to a life changing long-term opportunity that can finally help you realize your life-long dreams.
The Company OLD 19

Robert G. Allen, Lynn Allen-Johnson & Myself

The Company OLD 20

My wife April & I on the ARIIX Cruise

The Company OLD 21

ARIIX Cruise, Team with Mark Wilson & family

Rick Billings

Independent Rep ID #10727
Orlando, Florida
407-733-3502 (Cell/Text)
[email protected] 
Skype: RBillings3 
The Company OLD 22
- ​2015 Third Place for Salesperson of the Year in North America & the European Union
- 2015 Cancun Trip Winner for 2
- 2015 Personal Development Award from ARIIX (the Core Four)​
- 2014 ARIIX Cruise Winner for 2
- 2014 Designed & Created ARIIX's First Company Magazine, "The Adviisor"​. You can view it here.
- 2012 & 2013 Member of the ARIIX Partner Council
- 2013 Designed & Created the Companies Online Presentation with Dr. Fred Cooper​ in 8 languages.
The Company OLD 23
"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." ~ Zig Zigular
The Company OLD 24

ARIIX Average Earnings Report & Weekly Income Position Earnings

The Company OLD 25
The Company OLD 26

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