ARIIX Rejuveniix Antioxidants: L-Theanine Benefits
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ARIIX Rejuveniix Antioxidants: L-Theanine Benefits

ariix rejuveniix l theanineARIIX Rejuveniix & L-Theanine

The L-Theanine in the ARIIX Rejuveniix has been found to have many key vital functions for the overall health and wellness of the human body. Some of these functions are focus, blood pressure control, and sleep.

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Benefits of L-Theanine in the ARIIX Rejuveniix

Based on a scientific study on different animals, it has been discovered that the L-Theanine in the ARIIX Rejuveniix produces the pleasurable Dopamine hormone, which is usually release during activities such as sexual intercourse and eating. In other words, L-Theanine helps and keeps you feeling good therefore leading to a happier and healthier overall life at the same time an increased immunity against sicknesses and diseases.

L-Theanine has also been found to be good with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Due to the calming and pleasurable effects of the L-Theanine, it is making the chemotherapy drugs focus on the unhealthy cells instead of the healthy ones leading to a greatly reduced side effect.

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However, the power the L-Theanine in the ARIIX Rejuveniix does not just stop there because it is also very effective in terms of lowering blood pressure and pretty much anything related to the vascular system. A publication just about 10 years ago showed how L-Theanine is able to help in maintaining LDL concentrations in a normal state instead of going through oxidation in other words, L-Theanine has already been proven way back then to be good in terms of keeping good cholesterol in balance with the bad one.

The L-Theanine in the ARIIX Rejuveniix is indeed another powerful ingredient with a very high impact in overall health and wellness. It is a very impressive product of nature with very few disadvantages although it would still be highly recommended that you consult your personal doctor or even us if you are planning to add this to your daily nutritional diet.

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