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October 26, 2012

ARIIX Restoriix Willow Tree Bark Benefits 1 of 2

ARIIX Restoriix & Willow Tree Barkariix restoriix

In continuation to our discussion of the countless powerful benefits of the ingredients found in the ARIIX products such as that of the Willow Tree bark in the ARIIX Restoriix let us start by telling you that due to the nutritional and healing properties of the Willow Tree bark in the ARIIX Restoriix, many European countries such as France, England, and Germany are now officially approving it through the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy or ESCOP to be used on rheumatic pain conditions, fever, and other disorders.Now let us proceed to the different specific uses of the Willow Bark in the ARIIX Restoriix. As an overview of what we are about to discuss we will be talking about the uses of this tree bark on fever, back aches, migraines, heart attacks, PMS and menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and toothache.

ariix restoriix willow tree barkBenefits of Chia Seeds in the ARIIX Restoriix

For fever associated with cold and flu, the Willow Tree bark in the ARIIX Restoriix has long been used as treatment. Recommended use is to drink one cup of Willow Tree bark two to three times daily or you can just simply have the suggested 1 scoop or 45 grams of ARIIX Restoriix per day with water or juice an hour before meals or even twice daily for deeper cleansing and restoration.

willow tree bark ariix restoriix

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For back aches, a study found out that patients taking Willow Tree bark capsules with 225mg-240mg of salicin were relieved in just 3 weeks leading to the conclusion that the Willow Tree bark is indeed perfect for muscle pains, back pains, and neck pains especially when it is take from a reliable source such as that of the ARIIX Restoriix.

For migraines, studies also showed that taking the same dose of the suggested 1 scoop or 45 grams of the ARIIX Restoriix containing the Willow Tree bark is enough in the further prevention and treatment of this form of headache.

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