October 24, 2012

ARIIX Restoriix: Chlorella

ariix restoriix chlorellaARIIX Restoriix & Chlorella

Together with the powerful Zeolites, the ARIIX Restoriix has Chlorella, which is also another powerful ingredient with many outstanding benefits. The Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix is an incredible complete nutritional package from nature. It is a green single-cell algae made up of a big nutritional punch. All of its natural properties function together in a way that nutritional supplements cannot therefore making it very unique.The Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix is very rich in numerous vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, and B12. You may be thinking that it provides the same vitamin content as with other ingredients but believe it or not it really does not provide the same quality nutrients. In other words, the Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix provides these vitamins in a whole food bundle far superior than any other known manufactures formula! This should be one reason to make you at least try this product. Of course, the Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix like most dark green vegetables is not only packed with vitamins but also with minerals as well for there are certain vitamins that do not work without the help of minerals.

ariix restoriix

Benefits of Chia Seeds in the ARIIX Restoriix

Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix also has a rich content of amino acids including all the rest of the proteins that the human body cannot naturally produce. These amino acids or proteins are also very essential in a way that it helps in rebuilding the body’s lean tissues and neurotransmitters.

Did you also know that the Chlorella’s green color serves a great purpose and not just a simple design or display? Yes you heard that right, even the color of this microorganism has a huge health benefit since this green color of the Chlorella is made possible because of the existence of a green pigment called Chlorophyll, a pigment that does not just gives color but also helps in the improvement of ones immunity, inflammation, and alkalinity. This healthy Chlorophyll is the same Chlorophyll found in plants and is obviously the reason why plants are mostly green.

chlorella ariix restoriixDespite the all-positive effects of the Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix there are certain things that you must be aware of to make the most of its powerful health effects. First is that you should be getting it from a fresh and reliable source since poor production of this microorganism can result in a contaminated product. Take for instance companies who use high-heat processing which kills all the nutritional power of Chlorella defeating its purpose. Choose wisely and get it from only the best source.

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Lastly, Chlorella must never be taken together with warfarin and other anticoagulant drugs because of the vitamin K content that acts as a blood-clotting agent making it very unsafe. So be very careful and always seek professional help if you are in doubt with certain things. Also, feel free to contact us anytime you wish if you have anything to say with our discussion or with the ARIIX Restoriix product itself in general!

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