The ARIIX Compensation Plan

ACTIV8™ Industry-First Multiline Plan

Voted #1 Compensation Plan Worldwide
~Business for Home

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    Highest payout industrywide at 50%
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    Industry-first multiline plan
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    Build infinitely wide, infinitely deep, with unlimited earning potential
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    Auto-balancing ensures every point is strategically placed for greatest profitability
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    Cost of living increase accounts for ever-rising inflation
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    Power Re-entry in the flexibility to join and network across teams
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    4 Members / 8 Weeks = Gold Status Unlocks exclusive lifetime benefits
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    Base Commissions earn 15% of a pay line

The Network Marketing industry generally used three types of commission structures: 

  1. UNILEVEL -- Gives a person the ability to build and earn on infinite width.
  2. BINARY -- Gives a person the ability to build and earn on infinite depth.
  3. MATRIX -- Restricts a person from building and earning on width and depth. 

ARIIX introduced the first multiline structure; infinitely deep, infinitely wide. 

THE ARIIX MULTILINE -- Dr. Fred Cooper has unlocked the secret that allows a person to earn and build with unlimited width and depth, thus providing the ability to grow your business in ways that work best for you. Unlimited Width...Unlimited Depth...Unlimited Income!


What do you get when you combine premium products, an innovative compensation plan and dynamic, hardworking goal-getters like yourself? Financial independence and the flexibility to create a life based on your terms. With ARIIX, YOU are the business owner. The ARIIX products and opportunity help you get noticed so that you can make a living and create the life you want. 

We know you have many choices when it comes to partnering with a direct selling company--that's why ARIIX strives to be different in every way. Disruptive by Design™, we are revolutionizing the network marketing landscape by offering a solid partnership and the highest-paying compensation plan in the industry by and is changing the way entrepreneurs experience success, one Representative at a time. 

WE'RE DIFFERENT...and it shows. Life demands flexibility, and that's exactly what ARIIX has to offer--tools to pick and choose for the best support your lifestyle and business. Unlike a traditional job trading hours for pay, our Reps leverage EIGHT different ways to earn. Choose one, several, or all and find what works best for you. After all, who are we to run your business?

ACTIV8 the highest-paying compensation plan the industry has ever seen!

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Retail Sales

Retail sales is the fastest way to earn. As a Representative, you qualify to purchase products at wholesale, or 30% off the suggested retail price. You then sell those products at a price you set in your online store and keep the difference. When your customers buy products through your online store, ARIIX's innovative purchasing system tallies the difference between wholesale and your set retail price automatically, and pays your retail profits weekly. Without the hassle of tracking your profits and stressing over the nitty-gritty details, you can focus on what's really important--sharing products that make people happy and strengthen your business. 

So skip the brick-and-mortar storefront. Nix the transportation costs and marketing overhead. With ARIIX, you are the owner of your store, and it all begins with retail sales.

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Team Lead Bonus

Specifically designed to reward you for helping others discover all that ARIIX has to offer, the Team Lead Bonus pays a percentage of sales volume points for every product sold within each of your new customer's first 4 weeks. For every sale, you earn 15%. Even better, the more you sell, the higher percentage you can earn. 

As you advance through Business Levels, you lock in a greater earning minimum percentage. Want to hit 20%? All you need to do is advance to Business. Does 25% sound even better? Look into becoming an Elite. What about securing DOUBLE the base 15%? Just reach Ultimate within your first 4 weeks and earn 30%. Even better, new Reps can earn up to twice as fast on average, and the Team Lead Bonus calculates your profits immediately so you get the absolute best payout every single week. No waiting around for volume balancing or red tape, because the better your cash flow, the stronger your ARIIX business. 

When you help others find solutions to life's greatest challenges through ARIIX's exclusive products, it's a win-win for everyone.

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Base Commission

Here's how it works:

Within your business, you have an Income Position, which is your place in the ARIIX network, and lines that represent your teams. The line that generates the most volume is called your Power line. All other lines are referred to as Pay Lines. 

With BaseCommissions, you earn 15% of sales points from each Pay Line weekly, up to $2,000 per line, and there's no cap on how many Pay Lines you can earn from. 

Each time a Pay Line in your team reaches its ultimate potential, or 13,334 points in a single week, known as Optimizing, you earn the $2,000. But we don't stop there. As an additional incentive, we give you another Pay Line and another Income Position that you can start building new teams with, and continue your earning potential without limit. That's right, without limit.

Reps with Ultimate Level also benefit from the patent-pending Power Re-Entry. This allows our business owners to network with any ARIIX members of their choosing, including cross-line teams and those outside their network. What does this mean for you? Endless team building opportunity and unlimited earning potential. 

Around here, the stronger your team, the healthier your business, and we love rewarding you for your hard work and mentorship. We don't just pay your commissions based on your direct output, but a percentage of your entire team's product sales, too.

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Matching Bonus

The gift that keeps on giving.

Being a leader can be very rewarding. Not only do you get the personal satisfaction of helping your members' teams grow, but when you help them get paid through product sales, you get paid. 

With the Matching Bonus, you earn a percentage of ALL Base Commissions through product sales from the members you personally sponsor, as well as a percentage from the members they sponsor, and so on, up to seven generations! That's seven generations you can earn from, just by helping your members grow their businesses. This bonus looks beyond the health of your individual team to the overall wellbeing of your entire ARIIX network, and you reap the benefits. 

GO FOR THE GOLD! When you enroll four new ARIIX Representatives within your first eight weeks, or reach the Ultimate Business Level, you achieve Gold status and unlock your first three generations of potential earnings. Work with your leader to build a solid business strategy to go for the gold!

Think back to your days of working for a company--maybe that's still today. How would you describe the "perfect" manager?Do they lead or boss? There's a huge difference between showing how something is done and demanding that something be done. We've already talked about growing your business, but what about helping your team members grow theirs?

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Saving Bonus

Each time your Base Commissions hit $250 or more in one week, ARIIX banks an additional 15%* of those commissions in a savings account with your name on it. When this account hits $10k, it pays out for a car down payment, vacation, college semester or whatever you decide. Better yet, the Saving Bonus will continue paying up to $500 each week for as long as you keep your ARIIX Business. 

How are you preparing for future expenses? Are you a natural-born saver? If not, don't worry! Most of us aren't. That's why ARIIX created the Saving Bonus. 

Think of the Saving Bonus as your own ARIIX retirement plan, because your dreams aren't just for the here and now, they're for forever.

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Income Position Bonus

Infinitely Deep.

Other direct selling companies let you choose between growing your business deep or wide (and sometimes neither), depending on their compensation structure--unilevel, binary and matrix. This is where ARIIX jumps in to shake things up! ACTIV8 is the first multiline plan of its kind that not only enables but encourages you to build both deep and wide. There are advantages to strategizing your business in different ways. 

ARIIX doesn't dictate your planning, but lets you be the decision-maker, offering the flexibility to figure out the most profitable structure for you. 

First, let's talk about building deep. Two percent (2%) of worldwide product sales volume is set aside in a bonus pool. You earn shares from this pool every time you Optimize and Income Position by generating 13,334 points. The more Income Positions you have Optimized, the more shares your get exponentially, and IIX Membership doubles your shares. So build your team deep and watch your income grow. 

Every time you Optimize an Income Position in your team, you build deep and rack up mega rewards.

ARIIX Compensation Plan - Pay Line Bonus

Infinitely Wide.

We know as a business owner, you don't like being put in a box. It's because of that entrepreneurial spirit you started your own business to begin with! And who are we to tell you how to run things? With ACTIV8, you can experience true freedom and flexibility be structuring your business just the way you like it. By finding your sweet spot between building deep and building wide, you'l experience endless opportunities to earn.

Let's look at building wide. Similar to the Income Position Bonus, another one percent (1%) of worldwide product sales volume is set aside in a bonus pool. Each time you Optimize, or hit 13,334 points in a second Pay Line, you receive a share. Each additional line you Optimize earns you exponentially more shares, increasing your paycheck dramatically for additional efforts. There is no limit to the amount of shares you can receive. Again, IIX Membership earns you double shares.


You have the dreams--let's bring them to life!

Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed here. As you build your business, you accumulate Opportunity Credits for every product you sell, team you build, and partner you help title advance. From dream cars and luxury homes to exotic getaways and exclusive retreats, the possibilities are endless. Opportunity Credits help you achieve the lifestyle you've been imagining. At higher echelons of success, the flexibility to choose your OWN reward is entirely up to you. Advance to Chairperson or above and you can cash yourOpportunity Credits in for anything. 

Want to own a yacht? -- ARIIX OPPORTUNITY REWARDS.
A dream house in Maui? -- ARIIX OPPORTUNITY REWARDS.
How about a two-week dream vacation at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora? -- ARIIX OPPORTUNITY REWARDS.

You get the points. The opportunities are endless.


It's pretty clear that ARIIX enjoys rewarding your hard work and dedication. One more way we make this happen is through the IIX Membership. The IIX Membership is available to all Representatives who earn Business Level and above. Business and above levels are determined business builders who are serious, With an IIX Membership, all bonuses AND discounts are doubles. You work hard, we work for you. That's really all it comes down to!

ARIIX is Different! We know that the way one entrepreneur earns and builds a successful business won't necessarily work for another business or individual. That's why we offer eight different ways to earn. When your dreams are calling, it's up to you to make them happen. We're here to help. 

An open calendar and an opportunity to create financial freedom are within reach. What will you do with them?

ARIIX Management Team & Average Earnings Report

ariix owners creators ariix compensation plan

With over 100 years of combined, successful experience, the ARIIX leadership team knows what it takes to create a lasting and thriving business. Our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for their accomplishments, but also for their responsible management of their success.

L to R: Mark Wilson, President, Deanna Latson, Chief Product Officer, Wenhan Zhang, Chief Information Officer, Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO, Riley Timmer, Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Yates, Chief Financial Officer, and Ian Chandler, VP of Business Development-Asia Pacific. All Founders of ARIIX.

I have been with ARIIX from day-one, July 4, 2011. I personally know all the owners and pride myself in knowing the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan extremely well. So if you have questions, you can contact me here

Rick Billings
CEO Level in ARIIX

ARIIX Rep ID #10727
RVing Across America 

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