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May 24, 2015

6 Facebook Posts to Get More Engagement

Why is Engagement Important on Facebook?

If you are attempting to build your business or your brand online and you are not using Facebook, then you should really consider hopping back on the world’s largest social media platform.

The most important aspect for being successful on Facebook is attaining as much engagement as possible. This tells Facebook that you are posting content that other people like so Facebook will actually show more people your posts.

Facebook and other social media platforms, including Google with their current Search Engine Optimization ranking rules, rely heavily on social media engagement. This includes likes, comments, and shares. In fact, the more people that share this post, the higher Google will show it on the search pages when people search for my keywords.

So make sure you share this post so Google thinks I’m cooler, of course as long as you get value from it.

Below I will discuss the 6 different types of posts that will get you more engagement on Facebook.

6 Facebook Posts to Get More Engagement

1. Ask a Question – This is one of my favorites because if it is a good question, you will get a bunch of people responding.  People enjoy answering questions and giving their opinions so make sure you use this one as much as possible without overdoing it. Be targeted so you attract the type of person you are looking for.  You can ask a goofy question once in a while to mix it up too.  Just focus on creating engagement with a question post.

2. Share Something Important – You can literally share anything that you find intriguing.  If you feel your audience will benefit from it, then share it and let them check it out.  Even though you didn’t make the original post, this will show that you are looking out for their best interest and it will let the person that you shared it from know that you did it, thus creating more of a relationship with them or their business page.

3. Post a Resource – If you create your own content then you can post that content on to your Facebook page.  You may get engagement on the Facebook post, but you may also get engagement on the actual page with the content.  This is a great post because it will help get more eyes on your content and it will drive more traffic to your hubs (blog, YouTube page, article, etc).  If you do not create your own content, then share other content that will help your audience.  If you are in MyLeadSystemPRO, or MLSP for short, you can share one of their webinars or their trainings and even get credit if someone makes a purchase or signs up as an affiliate.  That creates a win/win situation because you are helping other people with their products and trainings, and you are putting money in your pocket as an affiliate.

4. Post a Video – You may be scared of putting yourself out there on a video all over your Facebook page, but videos get more engagement than any other type of post.  People get a chance to see that you are real and they get so much more from you via video than a regular text post.  I recommend posting a value based video that will help your prospects out in some type of way or another.  If you are in a health and wellness company, you can post a video that gives them tips on how to lower their blood pressure and then add an quick tip at the end of the video that introduces your company’s product.

5. Post Something Inspirational – I post something inspirational every day because positivity always gets engagement.  Inspirational posts will always attract the type of people you want to work with.  I stay away from negative people and I let my positive posts create my engagement so I know who to reach out to.  You can post inspiration via typing quotes, stories, pictures, etc.  Try it out and see what happens.

6. Post a Picture of Yourself – People like to see personal things about you once in a while so share a small sliver of your personal life with them. Put a selfie on your page or post a picture of you on vacation.  The home business industry is a business of lifestyle and that is what we are actually selling.  That is why people need to see how great your life is.  Even if you are just getting into the business or if you aren’t successful yet, let them know that you are enjoying your life with your family or friends.  Instant engagement almost always happens with a personal picture.

How Often You Should Post on Facebook

It is totally up to you with how often you post on Facebook, but my most successful days have been from posting at least 5-6 times.  That has been my magic number because it keeps myself, my brand, and my popular posts with tons of engagement in their faces all day.  People cannot deny you if you are all over their Facebook timelines.

I would aim for at least once a day if you are just getting back into Facebook with a maximum of 10 posts per day.  Posting 10 times a day will almost guarantee you get tons of engagement and happy followers.  Be strategic and be focused with who you want to attract to your page and you will do just fine with your posts.  Being cognizant is totally underrated when it comes to Facebook posts.

Did you get value out of this post?

I would really like to hear from you below.  If you use some other types of posts that I didn’t mention, please comment with them below to continue the discussion.

Make sure you share this post on your Facebook wall as a resource or at least share it with your personal team to help them get structured with their posting as well.

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