Forex Trading Gold vs USD (XAU/USD)

Trading Gold against the USD is the most popular trading pair in Forex. With over 50 Billion dollars traded everyday, Monday thru Friday that is money to be made with the right trading techniques. 

I highly recommend Wayne Creel owner of Arrived FX which use technology to do micro trades at the speed of light. He trades between 7am to 9am EST which he's tested for 4-years to be the best time to trade. 

Wayne the owner of Arrived is consistently producing an average of 15% monthly returns trading Gold against the US Dollar. He does all the trading, we just watch the ROI.

May 2022 the return was 36%. I will keep updating this page as months go by with my ROI. 

Wayne has a small set up fee, is looking for a $10k+ initial account to trade, preferable $25k and earns a split of profits only. 

If you would like to chat or have a 3-way call with Wayne please let me know...Rick 407-733-3502.

Complete the following 3 steps and myself along with Wayne will help you get completely set up. 


You'll need to buy Bitcoin via your credit card or bank account. Kraken is what is recommended as once you a verified they do not hold you money for 10-14 days. It's usually available within the same day. If you have BTC in another account already that works too. Kraken employs over 3000 employees and operation in 70 countries.


Hero FX LTD is the brokerage account located in The Virgin Islands. Wayne the owner of Arrived FX uses this Forex company as his broker too. He will connect to their API to make micro trades and you're always in 100% control of your account and money. 


Never miss a Trade! From the time that the trader sends the call to it being placed into your brokers account is about 100-200 milliseconds.

Before Traders are allowed on Arrive FX they are tracked anonymously for at least 1-2 months. If they are profitable by at least 15% a month then they are invited to join.