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January 5, 2017

3 Blog Title Formats to Get FREE Leads

Google is a pig.

It loves content. It eats billions of bits of it every day.

Here are 3 blog title formats that can help you get free traffic and leads from the search engines.

The always popular, “How To” format seems to never go out of style. Look at old advertising from 100-years ago and you’ll see plenty of “How To” headlines on ads and in the titles of books. Of course, back then it was How To Fix Your Wagon Wheel.

Today, people still want to know how to do things. It’s one of the most popular search phrases on YouTube.

So if you can come up with a hot “How To” blog title you can expect traffic.

e.g. How To Find Alternative Income Sources on the Web

Number two is numbers.

The human mind likes lists of numbers and is compelled by incompleteness. Hence, the David Letterman Top 10 Lists.

If you can come up with a compelling list of points, topics and other type lists you’ve got a recipe for traffic.

Top 5 Ways to ___________. 3 Lesser-Known, But Hugely Powerful Ways to _______________.

You get the idea.

Next, there’s NEW.

This is another word that never seems to lose its power.

The NEW Way Home Business is done. Let’s combine some formats, 3 New Ways to Make an Income and How To Start Today.

Blog titles are important. It’s what the search engines gobble up and index. They’re important to your potential visitors, too, since they need to compel them to click your link and come to your site.

Take the time to write irresistible blog titles and your home business could get a major boost in traffic, leads, and sales.

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